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Everyone knows the emphasis of Email. It is one of the best method to target your customers directly to their inbox. But it works vice versa, if you did not do it in a correct manner. Every businesses and marketers are looking to generate huge profits with email marketing channel.

The consolidation of Affiliate Marketing with Email Marketing is an agile method to manage the affiliate programs. If you have a huge segmented list of customers, Affiliate email marketing will help you to generate a good income by promoting advertiser’s product and services via email.

You need to opt for a best email service provider. With choosing a specific email automation tools, you also need to opt for the appropriate approach to boost your lead management system.

Different affiliate programs have individual commission rates. When you register for affiliate program, you will get an affiliate ID. Utilize the affiliate id as a link in your mail, blog and website, when the advertiser get traffic from your affiliate id, you will get paid by advertiser.

Never try to sale with your email, have your main focus on engagement with your users. Design emails that have a dazzling email copy, strong call-to-actions, and relevant to the audience interest.

Here are some email marketing automation tools that provides affiliate programs:

* Aweber:
Aweber is the most popular e-mail marketing software. Aweber offers 30% commission. Those who signs up with Aweber you get 30% of it. Aweber manages its own Affiliate program, so you need to go and register with Aweber. Business e-mail marketing is a very powerful stream. You can set up your free affiliate membership, start referring businesses and earning commissions.

* Get Response:
Get Response is another email marketing automation tools. It also have its own affiliate program. You can sign up with ‘Get response’ today and have access to the affiliate program. Customers have both Residual and convenient payouts. Get Response have a responsive E-mail design, E-mail intelligence and Auto-responders 2.0

* Mad Mimi:

With Mad Mimi, you receive a 25% bonus referral. The affiliate program is meant to reward Mad Mimi users. You need to be a paid user of Mad Mimi so you can join the affiliate program. Mad Mimi is the easiest way to create, send, share and track email newsletters online. About 40 million e-mails are shared and sent through.

* Flutter mail:
Flutter mail can help online marketers or small business owners reach the marketing goals. This auto responder is straightforward and easy to navigate, too. Flutter mail is the 1st ever web based email marketing product on Click Bank. It gives the highest recurring commission among email marketing affiliate programs. This mail service cost lot less than other competitors.

* Campaigner:
It is really simple to become an affiliate with campaigner. It runs a lavish lead and sales commission structure with pay off up to $400/package. Campaigner have a committed and competent Partner Program Management and a monthly newsletter that assist you to stay updated.
Email marketing with affiliate marketers is a reliable and authentic to boost your affiliate’s sales and return on investment in order to achieve the desired goal.

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