Tips For Improving Your Landing Page Conversions

No two businesses are alike, but they have many similarities, such as their goal to increase conversions as much as possible which translates into increased revenue. If you were not aware, landing pages can have a significant influence over your conversions. To reach your goal of having a high-converting landing page, consider these tips.

Use Unique Headlines

Pay special attention to your headline, since this is one of the first aspects of your landing page visitors will see. There are three elements you should consider for your headline to help it work effectively:

-It should quickly grab your viewer’s attention

-It should be concise

-You should include what you are selling or offering

When your headline has all three elements, you are well on your way. Essentially, your headline should grab attention, convey information clearly and quickly, and have a defined purpose.

Add Images

It is easier and quicker to process images than text, so you should include relevant images on your landing pages. For example, when selling a product, include an image of the product on the landing page. Always use high quality images. Avoid using free stock photos that are easily found online. You may need to make an investment by purchasing stock photos that are not freely available online or take your own photos. If you are selling information or a service, consider making a relevant infographic. Make sure the images you use are large enough to see clearly, which also helps grab attention.

Include A Call To Action

What is your objective for your viewers? Do you want them to send you an email or sign up for a newsletter or membership? You need to be clear what your viewers should do next after they have arrived on your landing page. Creating a call to action is essential because it guides your viewers on the next step. Although it may seem obvious from your perspective, your goals are not always clear to your audience. It may be easier to explicitly tell your viewers you want them to sign up for something or make a purchase.

Consider Your Gains And Losses

When creating a landing page, most brands purely focus on what their viewers can gain. Although this is not a bad tactic, it can be helpful to tell your viewers what they stand to lose without your product or service. One way of accomplishing this without sounding pushy or using scare tactics is to incorporate real-life scenarios that could happen without purchasing the product. For example, if you were selling life insurance, use empathetic language regarding what happens to families when a loved one passes without life insurance. You may talk about the monetary burden, but also how difficult it is to grieve a loved one’s loss when a family is concerned about funeral expenses.

Use Testimonials

There are few things more influential than having people tell your viewers about their experience with your product or service. Give your viewers feedback from people who were satisfied with your product or service by including testimonials on your landing page. Whenever possible, include a photograph of the person giving the testimonial. You want every testimonial to be as authentic as possible and by trying to show your audience these are real people, it will improve their trust in your brand. Never purchase testimonials from people. One option is offering your product for free in exchange for honest testimonials.

Your landing page can be an important aspect of your business, just as much as your products and services. When you want to improve your conversion rate, look at your landing page for ways to improve.

Thomas Gunner is a successful entrepreneur and business owner. He operates, which is a cloud based tool for Hotel And Restaurant operators that engages with recent customers via email or SMS and invites them to give feedback on their recent experience of your business.

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