Why Businesses should definitely use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a different social networking platform which has more number of potential customers and business who want more and more traffic towards their business actually need to use Pinterest. This thing has been proven by statistical data that Pinterest is nothing but a gold mine for business.
Still the question remains unanswered that why businesses should definitely use Pinterest, to answer this pay attention towards next few points:

o Easy Start: Any strategy, any plan can be implemented in a tailor made state on Pinterest with a lot of ease. Pinterest is very user friendly and helps you at all stages for making you understand the functioning. Once you are ready with the strategy, it is very easy to implement and to measure the results. This is very important reason as complex starts actually kill the enthusiasm behind the movement. Once you start your Pinterest activity after that your plan can lead your business towards zenith in your domain.

Moreover it is 100% free and very simple to use.

o Pinterest is growing fast: Being the first social networking site hitting a 10 million user mark in a time span of less than two years, Pinterest is growing at a very rapid pace.

Ao of 2015, Pinterest had 20+ million users and 90% of them are active users. As the user database is increasing at a rapid speed, businesses find it as an opportunity because probability of more traffic diversion is possible.
o Demographics: According to Huffington post, 33% of members on Pinterest are women and that too in the age group of 25-35 and have salary more than $100k per annum which is considered as the potential buyer group.

o Increasing Exposure: A lot of features available on Pinterest actually helps in increasing the exposure, for example re-pinning helps in extensive marketing and sharing of your campaign can help you in your business exponentially.

o Market Research: Pin tracking is a great feature available for market research of your product and helps calculate the brand loyalty. Market research helps in changing business strategies as per the need.
One should be very careful while pinning a picture with a story as a lot of research should be done to counter negative effects or negative marketing. Picture should be well checked before posting so that it does not give a wrong image or the message should be very clear and there should be no confusion.

It is seen that nearly 25% percent consumers said that they actually bought the product after seeing it on Pinterest. Theme based image collections as per tastes, events and choices help users to navigate to the thing they want and Pinterest reduces the number of steps between the viewer and his interaction, the website of the seller is one click away and a person lands in your area.

Now the ball is in your court, it is your duty to well maintain your website if you are selling things online, you should be very informative. This actually helps in getting more and more traffic towards your business.

Businesses should not ignore the power of consumers and the power of Pinterest, if effective plan is made and the execution is done with care and attention, the marketing campaign can lead to high results.
Effective planning is a very important part of the campaign as you have to take human parameters in consideration which are variable.
Pinterest provides you a platform where creativity and innovation can be used to get more and more traffic towards your business. With Pinterest Businesses can reach to a level where it was not possible with other social networking websites.

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