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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid For Network Marketing Newbies

Youv'e heard by now  the staggering truth that 95% of people fail in MLM? I strongly believe that among the 95%, there are sincere, hardworking people who work hard to make the business work for them, but are spending most of their time and money DOING ALL THE WRONG THINGS!

Avoiding these wrong things saves you the valuable TIME (some people in MLM do the wrong things for YEARS) so you can learn how to do the RIGHT things with the time you saved.


1. Trying to comprehend everything

If you are new in your company and you sit down for a few days (some employees may even need weeks before they place an initial telephone call) testing the product, digesting all of the company literature, analyzing every sum relating to the compensation table, committing to memory all of the names of the executives in the company (I think we catch the drift)…

This is an EXTREMELY LABORIOUS method to get underway in your business.

Your business is like riding a bicycle

You don’t get to know how to ride by reading the greatest handbook on riding<br>
You don’t find out until the minute you begin to peddle<br>
You learn by tumbling off<br>
You also learn how not to fall off after falling off the first time

2. Reading each manuscript in the business

Most MLMs advise a reading catalogue and they are extremely useful for new people, particularly if the information is accurate and enlightening about the industry. Reading is also an exceptionally good practice to develop. But one of the biggest errors that new people make is in believing that the more documentation they read, the greater the amount of money they are going to make. Those types of books are mainly self-help books or network marketing self-improvement.

Most newbies waste excessive amounts of time reading books for a variety of purposes.

They are weighed down by lack of knowledge. Again, they are attempting to comprehend the whole thing before actually getting out there.

They are plagued by apprehension. The paralysis makes them withdraw to their books without meeting people.

They are beleaguered by annoyance. They presume that after reading their first book they will be successful and, if they don’t accomplish enough, they get discouraged and experience the desire for self-help even more. They seek a different book. If they do not succeed again, they will hold themselves responsible once more. Always remember; books are one-sided. It might be successful for the author but not for another.

3. Performing the work on their own during the first month

Network marketing is not bothered if you are a CEO, industrialist, director, housewife, university student or a vagrant. If you are new to the business then you start from NOTHING.

If you think that you can bring in a six figure income in 2 to 5 years time without following a structure then you are clutching at straws. There are those in conventional business who do succeed in only a short time but everyone learns from SOMEBODY and network marketing is no exception.

Here is a case in point:

There is a guy who is a knowledgeable businessman. He began in network marketing and wished to do it his own way. He hired a workplace, employed a few personnel, formed a sales group and dispatched them after paying a few hundred thousand dollars on capital only. After 3 months, his business had zilch to show for it.

What had occurred? One of the major reasons for his lack of success was the reality that network marketing is not designed to be run using this approach. His employees or sales team will not be able to reproduce this method.

There are uplines guides to lead you and they don’t charge you when you request advice. I would approach them like an ill man would visit a medical specialist rather than an engineer.

4. Giving up your job

Network Marketing is a business like any other business. Don’t con yourself into thinking that you are going to have to burn all of your bridges and invest everything you have got without any means of making any money for the next 6 months.

There is an old adage that says; if the only tool I have is a hammer, all my problems will look like nails. In network marketing, EVERY form of monetary strain may destroy your prospects because you will constantly view them as money bags prior to and even once they ‘get in’.

Some veteran networkers only ‘think about’ quitting their job when the earnings in their business equal at least twice their existing revenue.

5. Selling the business – I have a business prospect for you

What you are doing at the moment will be duplicated downline. Most people would concur that 80-90% of the populace are not qualified sales people.

Most people who are unable to sell, sell items that do not resolve other people’s issues, to people who do not like being sold to and who label you as a shady salesman attempting to pick their pockets.

This means that most newbies make the error of attempting to sell the prospect to others (who don’t want to be enlisted or sold to). People are in search of answers to their problems – consequently pitching the prospect typically appears to potential buyers as just a method of the business builder to get their hands on their money. This frequently leads to:

6. Entreating people to join

New distributors become so desperate to recruit people that they end up appearing like fancy beggars in suits. They pitch and sell and pitch and sell so much that prospects become fearful of them. Some even hound their prospects.

Always bear in mind that the ball is in your court. They are the ones who need the opportunity and you are assisting them to appreciate this. Don’t try to influence them. Alternatively, when you begin helping people out of a legitimate concern, working through their issues, they will start paying attention to you and will request the opportunities.

7. Explaining the business by telephone

The reason for a phone call is to encourage the prospect. If telephone calls can seal all the deals, then no one will have to hold opportunity meetings any longer or hire offices. People would just be seated at home and call people to become millionaires.

Once your purpose is extremely obvious that you are just inviting, you will not bewilder people by chatting about the opening, merchandise or plan. Bear in mind, the person on the other end of the telephone will still have an opportunity to say no to you, even after you have explained the whole thing for an hour or so, and that is one thing you definitely don’t want.

8. Telling prospects that this is not MLM or network marketing

Most newbies are so anxious or uncomfortable when the prospects ask these dreadful questions:

Is this MLM?<br>
Is this one of those networking things?<br>
Is this one of those pyramid selling things?<br>
Are you attempting to enlist me into one of those Direct Selling things?

Most will say, “Err… Um, no its not. Yeah it’s MLM but we’re not really selling… hello? Hello??”

Ever get those sinking feelings?

9. Never tell stories to your prospects. It makes you look bad and people are not dim. Either tell them openly that it IS an MLM or Networking business (we should be proud that we are in a multi-million dollar industry) or turn the question around by asking, “What do you mean is it MLM – what do you think about MLM?” Then let him, or her, give you their answer. Book a meeting after that.

Remember: If you are guarded about what you are doing, your prospects will feel that they will have to do similar if they join you.

10. Deceiving my friends into an opportunity meeting

An additional gigantic error: asking your friends or prospects out for a drink and then taking them to an opportunity meeting without telling them that it is an opportunity meeting.

You achieve nothing by hiding things from your prospects. Be open and proud of what you are doing! Use CONFIDENCE, not deception.

Remember, Avoiding the wrong things saves you the valuable TIME (some people in MLM do the wrong things for YEARS) so you can learn how to do the RIGHT things with the time you saved.

Is this practical stuff or just theory? Must I do the wrong things myself to prove that it is really wrong so I can feel it for REAL? Well, A mother doesn’t need to go on drugs in order to prove to her child that they should AVOID drugs now, don’t they?

Remember that in MLM, just like in real life that we must learn from the mistakes of others. We don’t all the time in the world to make all the mistakes ourselves!


 - Leon Edward

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