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What If I Knew Everything About You?

Yesterday I told you about Jeremy Burns'' newest Source Code Gold Mine v8 sale.


I told you about 3 of the products in that sale but I missed one very cool product that you really need if you are at all like me.

It is called "Internet Marketing Contact Manager"

This is one of those types of software that I always thought were only for big companies, not someone that just works from home like me.

The truth is, after looking this over I know a million ways it will help me keep better track of my business.

How many times have you met someone on the internet that you ended up speaking on the phone to a few times but then lost contact with?  Then a few years later you end up with them on the phone again and when they call, you barly remember their name, let alone the reason you previously spoke.

Think about how cool it would be if you could just click a button and have ''Total Recall'' on not only what you spoke about the last time you talked, but also what their kids names were, and what grades they are in.

How impressed would your customer or potential JV partner be when you ask them... "Hey how is little Sarah doing, wasn''t she just getting ready to star in her First grade play, ''Annie'' the last time we spoke?"

Your customer responds "That was 2 years ago, you remember that!"

Internet marketing is all about contacts and making friends.  The more people that you know the stronger your business will become.

Internet Marketing Contact Manager will keep track of all these kinds of things and more for you.

Your customers birthday, their hobbies, their favorite vacation spot, their spouses name, the names of all the products they have ever purchased from you, where they went to College.

The possibilities are endless, and when you remember these kinds of details about your customers and JV partners, they will come to think of you as an Internet marketing rock star.

Everyone loves to talk about themselves, so just ask everyone you come in contact with a few questions every time you talk and add that information to your database.

The next time you are on their FaceBook page or their Twitter page and they mention something interesting and unique about themselves, add that to your database.

Before you know it you will be an expert on everyone of your customers and JV partners and the next time you email them, Twitter them, speak to them on FaceBook you will be armed with everything you need to totally WOW them.

This is a great way to show your customers that you really do care about what they are interested in, and that you are not just interested in them for the financial aspects of it.

Anyway, this is a software that I missed when I first told you about SCGM v8 and I thought it was one that was really something that could help us all become not only better marketers, but better friends as well.

There is still a Fast Action discount code on the SCGM v8 sales page that you can enter into the cart when you checkout for an instant $97 savings so if you have not picked up your copy yet, do it now.

This one product "Internet Marketing Product Manager" is worth the cost of the sale even if you only use it, and do not even bother downloading anything else from the sale.

Check it out...


To your success, Leon Edward

P.S. Here is that discount code again FASTACTION97OFF

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