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Business Success and Personal Achievement Depends on These Traits Written By Leo J

Be Hungry To Be Successful In Business, Life and Finances

Success does not come easy for some but for most the secret ingredient for success is the sense of urgency to achieve the said success. There are several ways to develop this sense of urgency in order to have high achievement standards.

Perhaps the first and most basic requirement on the journey to achieve success effectively and quickly would be to developing a habit to think and plan in depth. Once this is established the individual would then be able to make assessments and provide or design solutions at a faster speed and also at a more accurate one.Then developing the skill to stay consistent would be the next step. These instincts will help the individual avoid any possible follies along the way.The sense of urgency can and usually does produce these kinds of positive reactions and over time and experience it can be fine tuned to be more effective in producing the desired results. This comes from the inner drive to complete something quickly and successfully.

Because the success is already somewhat like a blue print to follow and is very possible to achieve the effort directed towards the goal becomes easier. When there is a visual example the task of having to push one’s self without direction does not become a problem as the motivating factor is the example set.

Seeing the desired goal as an achievable element is a very powerful tool to equip one’s self with, therefore taking the trouble to find and follow a good role model is a wise thing to do. If there are instances of minor setbacks or failures the individual is able to tap into the knowledge and style pre established by the role model to work round the problem with some degree of success. Note the popular saying – nothing ventured nothing gained.


When this habit is clearly and concretely formed, the “fight” factor that is the important ingredient in achieving milestones will never be developed or even become completely nonexistent at all.

If there is no zest for chasing a dream, there will be no goal to achieve. Another negative trait that often surfaces when there is not dream to keep an individual going is bitterness. Scientific research has proven time and time again that if an individual is not challenged mentally and physically they will eventually be reduced to a state of boredom and then despair which will eventually result in depression.  

There are several ways to recognize and demonstrate an individual’s value whether it is in relation to work ethics, style, business accruement or even more personal elements like family, entertainment and a host of other avenues.

Making one’s self available to assist in any familiar area also helps to establish one’s obvious capabilities. When an individual is always willing to try out new things and learn from experiences then this is a good place to start leaning and fine tuning skill acquired along the way.

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