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Get Results ! How to Use the Internet to Market Your Business

What is internet marketing? Essentially internet marketing is the means of selling, buying, and promoting products and services using online methods.


Studies show that eighty percent of internet users use search engines such as Google or Yahoo, to find products, information, and services on the internet. With that being said, it means that eighty percent of the online population is potential clients for your business.


Websites is the first line of marketing on the internet. It is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of internet marketing, without a website there really is no point. To have an effective internet marketing campaign, a website is necessary to attract visitors.


While you need a website, it is not the only method of internet marketing. In order to produce sales, it is important that you produce visitors as well. Without online visitors, no one will even know you exist.


Building, then Announcing a Website


  1. Create a website that downloads at a fast speed.


Studies show that you have no more than thirty seconds to get your visitors attention. It must load quickly; people do not want to wait minutes for a website to load. If it does not load quickly, your potential clients will become potential clients for others.


  1. Targeted Audience


When you begin in internet marketing, it is necessary to understand who your targeted audience is. Once you define the market, you need to create a website that caters to these visitors, satisfying their needs.


  1. Keep Focused


You need to establish objectives in regards to selling the products or services you offer. It is important that you always stay focused on these objectives in order to achieve them.


  1. Creditability


Without creditability, you have no hope of succeeding online. Make sure you provide your visitors with a very clear, easy to understand, and concise privacy statement in regards to how their information will be used. The link to this privacy statement, must be in a noticeable place, and should be placed upon each page of your website.


You also want to make sure that somewhere on your website you provide your clients with a valid telephone number, email address, fax number, and perhaps an address.


  1. Offer a Guarantee


This is important. Many people will not buy anything, from anyone, if they do not offer some sort of guarantee. The best type of guarantee is where you offer their money back with no exceptions. This tells people you are credible, honest, and have a strong faith in your products or services.


  1. Take Credit Cards


The internet is popular because of the speed and convenience it provides its users. It is important that you accept multiple options of payments such as credit cards, check, money order, or services such as ClickBank, Stormpay, or PayPal. Western Union may be an acceptable method of payment as well, it is important that you provide customers with your address for payments that are other than credit cards.


  1. Easy Navigation


Customers want to find what they want, right when they want it. They do not want to end up on pages, with no way back, or out. Make sure that the navigation system on your website is easy to maneuver and understand.


  1. List in Search Engines


Search engines are necessary for potential clients to find your websites. Generally, you can do this for free and make use of some of the most popular search engines such as AltaVista, AOL, Google, and Yahoo.


  1. Good Content


It is important to provide your customers with good content for many reasons. One reason is for the search engines, it is important to have keyword rich content on your website to enable your visitors to find it quickly and easily. Additionally, good content gives your visitors reasons why they should be buying from you, using your products, and other such things. If it is compelling and honest, you will find an increase in sales.


Lastly, make sure you use proper spelling and grammar on your website. Many users do not like to see errors in any way. If they find errors it must be the webmaster did not take the time to double check.



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