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7 Points In Finding A Home Business

There is so much information online it’s amazing.  You find something that interests you and you request information and then……you are never there.

•    Is it that you are bombarded with calls and emails?
•    Is it that you clicked on something but don’t remember?
•    Is it that you were in a different state of mind at the time and it’s changed since?
•    Is it that there is too much to choose from?

Are you looking to make money but you think everything is a scam or it’s too good to be true?  You have been burned before and it’s a very hard thing to get over.  I know.  I’ve
been there.

Or maybe you want to stuff envelopes or make crafts……

I’ve learned the hard and expensive way.  I have yet to find a legitimate envelope stuffing company.  If you find a craft to do they are very particular on what they receive.  They are so picky that you never get paid and you are stuck with all these crafts.  Data entry is another opportunity I have yet to find a real company.  The only paying company was through a company my Aunt worked for that I actually got paid for data entry.  Otherwise, I never got paid but lost money.  You feel violated when you are scammed.

When people ask for more information, why do they ONLY want a quick overview of something?

In order to make an informed decision you need all the facts.  You need to do some research:

•    Check the company out with the better business bureau.  
•    Remember products are involved otherwise it’s not legit.  Read about those products and see why they are different and if everyone can use them.
•    Go to their website
•    Get a brochure or PDF file with more information about them on it.
•    Is it a team environment?  Will they help you achieve your goals or just sign you up?
•    Do they refund your money and how much time do you have?
•    Do they have start-up costs? How much?
•    Email, call and ask questions

When you do your homework by researching and ask questions you have the information to make an informed decision.  I’ve learned that when you just want a 5 minute overview you miss a lot of details.  Not everything can be summed up in 5 minutes.

I thank you for taking the time to read this over.  I hope you have learned something and
I hope you use this information to find what you are looking for, freedom.



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