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Blogs At Blogger.com - How To Choose The Best Name

Choosing A Name For Your New Blogger.com Blog

On the "Name Your Blog" at Bloger.com screen you will enter a blog title, a unique Blogger URL address for your blog, and once again enter the word verification. 

Naming your blog well can be an important part of having a successful and income generating blog.  It is a good idea to name your blog something memorable and in tune with the content your blog will contain.  Rather than name your blog "Jane's Blog," try to name it something people surfing the web will remember and look for again in the future. 

If you are name is "Jane," and you will be blogging primarily about knitting, then your blog might have the title "Jane the Master Knitter" or something similar.  Feel free to use your imagination and have fun with your blog name, but try and keep it both short and easy to remember.

Each blog on Blogger has a unique URL which looks like this:

Blogger allows you to enter the word(s) to fill the blank space before the word "blogspot" in the URL.  Just as important as the name of your blog, what you choose to enter here for the URL will help others to find your blog online.  It is always best to stick to only a few words and make the URL similar to your blog title.  For the example above something like this would work well:

while http://www.janethemasterknitter.blogspot.com gets a bit long to remember and type so it is probably not ideal to use.

Once you are satisfied with your new blog's title, unique Blogger URL, and have entered the word verification, click on the orange "Continue" button.  This takes you to the third step in creating your blog; the "Choose a Template" screen.
Select A Template That Catches Your Eye

Blogger uses pre-designed standard templates to make your blog look professional and exciting.  By using Blogger's standard templates you can have an amazing looking blog, from the first post you make, even if you do not know any HTML or have any website design experience at all!

The final step in creating a blog on Blogger is to choose a template from those listed.  Choose a template that is both aesthetically pleasing to you and which fits the theme of what you want to blog about.  It is important to note that you are able to change your template, and most other aspects of Blogger, at any time in the future.


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