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Podcasting - Stick To IT Step by Step

Here is a step-by-step process to determine whether you'll be able to keep up with the demands of a regular podcast.

1. Across the top of a blank piece of paper write down five ideas you have that you might like to podcast about. (In another chapter will show you how to improve your content to gain subscribers, but for now this is a good place to start).

2. Record how frequently you want to do each podcast. (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.)

3. Under each idea list all the sub-topics you would like to cover in your podcast. (For example, if you want to cover major league baseball, you might write down such items as recent player trades, highlights of recent games, things to watch out for in upcoming games, an analysis of player stats, a review of an event in the history of baseball, and a review of a baseball movie or book).

4. In brackets, beside each sub-topic, write down the number of minutes it would take you to cover that in a podcast, and the number of minutes it would take you to prepare and research that information.

5. Add up all the minutes it would take for you to cover those topics in a podcast. This will be the length of your podcast.

6. Write that total above your idea.

7. Now add the second number, the length of time really take you to prepare and research the information
8. Add that number to your podca
st length.
9. Write that number above your idea as well. 

With this new information you are able to determine how long you want your podcast to be, how frequent you want it to be, and how much time you'll have to put in to it in order to reach your goal. Often, people's initial goals in their podcast are too lofty and required to much time for them to do a good job on a consistent basis. In upcoming chapters will show you how you can improve that by narrowing down the focus of your audience.

At this point though, you simply need to look at the chart you created to determine if you are able to spend that amount of time doing the job and a regular basis. Because that's what it is: a job. You may not get paid for it (yet), but your subscribers are expecting you to produce on a consistent basis.


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