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This section is where everything not only gets exciting but also gets profitable.  You are going to learn how to turn your traffic into monthly income!

This section goes over tons of ideas, techniques and strategies that you can drop into place on your blog to extract cash out of it!  Read it in it's entirety, you don't want to miss anything!

Monetizing With Google Adsense

AdSense is Google's program which allows you to sell space on your website to host other people's advertisements.  Hosting AdSense ads on your website or blog is completely 100% free to you as the host and a great way to earn some money. 

How do you earn money with Google's AdSense?  Simple, every time someone clicks on an AdSense ad on your blog Google pays you.  Someone clicking on your ad is called "click through."  Your visitor is clicking through your webpage to another webpage via the AdSense link on your website.

Google pays you for these click through visitors because their advertising has successfully reached a visitor on your blog.  You get paid because you agreed to host the ads and you provided good content which got a targeted ad and a resulting click on that ad.

AdSense is a very popular way to monetize a blog because it is simple to set-up and use, especially on a blog which is hosted by Blogger.  Why?  The answer to that is simple; Google owns both Blogger and AdSense so the two have been programmed to work very well together. 

Google wants you to host their AdSense ads on your blog so they have made it very easy for you to ad the ad blocks, and has made it simple to make them look great and blend in with the theme of your blog as well.  They understand this makes for a higher click through ratio and want to help work with you to earn as much revenue for both of you as possible.

AdSense is also very popular because it makes you money without you having to go out and find your own advertisers for your site.  Imagine all of the work you would have to go through to find other businesses to advertise their products that would interest your specific visitors on your website.

Rather than you having to go out and find other companies to advertise on your website Google brings them there for you to advertise on your site.   This saves you loads of time and has the potential to make you loads of cash in the process.  It also brings your blog some seriously high quality advertisers.  Most all of the biggest companies in the world advertise through Google!

AdSense is intuitive, meaning that it reads your website or blog and then chooses ads which are relevant to the content it has found.  This means that if you have a blog on cats, then AdSense will not put ads about working at home on your blog.  The AdSense ads are great because they will be relevant to your topic and content which means you have a better chance of your readers clicking on them. 

How AdSense works is that if, for example, you have a blog about dogs, AdSense will place ads for things like pet supplies, dog training and other relevant goods and services likely to get the visitors of your blog to click on them.  You will not see ads on a dog themed website for irrelevant things like weight loss products or make tons of money at home stuffing envelopes schemes.  The ads will fit the topics you are writing about.

What additionally makes AdSense ads great is that they can be made to blend in with the theme and look of your website or blog.  This makes them less "ad" looking and they genuinely look like a totally natural part of your blog.  While visitors to your website or blog don't want to see blatant advertisements, they see the AdSense ads more as a part of your content or other links. 

This is good for two reasons: 
1) You do not want to appear to be trying to make money from your readers of your blog. 

2) Your blog does not end up cluttered looking with a bunch of very obvious looking advertisements.  You do not want your visitors to see a bunch of billboard type ads but rather ads which blend in with both your blogs colors and topic.  AdSense does this very well and by using Blogger to host your blog the process is very simple.

AdSense does not allow you to select the specific ads which appear on your site, but it does an amazing job of keeping them in line with the content on your site.  AdSense also allows you to exclude ads from your direct competitors on your website if for some reason they happen to appear on your site.  If for example you have a blog on which you sell your own goat cheese, the last thing you want in advertising is your competitor who also sells goat cheese coming up on the ads. 

Google understands this and allows you to easily exclude those ads from your AdSense ads. There is no reason why you should not be monetizing your BlogCast Blog when much of it costs you nothing.

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