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Making Hard Cold BLOG CASH

 Blogging is one of the only truly "free" start-up business models on the internet.  You can quickly and easily sign-up for an account with a free blog service such as Goggle's Blogger.  From there you can add AdSense and other affiliate links to your blog and make money from your visitors clicking on those links.  This is referred to as monetizing a blog - making money with a blog.  You can accomplish all of this without ever spending a single cent of your own money.  
Cashing In On GOOGLE Adsense
Google started a program called AdSense.  AdSense is for website owners to make money by hosting other business's advertisements on their websites.  These AdSense ads can also be hosted on a blog, even if it is hosted by a free blog service.  Google owns both Blogger and AdSense so they are both programmed to be very simple for anyone to use.  Because Google owns both Blogger and AdSense, they go extremely well together.  

With AdSense you paste the code the AdSense program generates for you into your Blog template.  Where the advertisements will show up on your blog depends entirely on where you choose to paste the AdSense code into your template.  Later in this eBook we will talk about how to generate AdSense code and exactly where in your blog template to paste that code is.  

AdSense additionally allows you to blend in the ads with the content of your blog.  This helps to make your AdSense ads look more like your written content and less like advertising billboards.  

AdSense is also intuitive enough that it will serve you ads which match the topic and content on your blogs.  For example, if you have a blog on saving money then AdSense will likely serve up ads for coupon clipping services, freebies online and other things which match your blog's topic.  On your saving money blog you will not see ads for irrelevant things like animal care or technology products.

How do you make money with Google's Adsense?  Google pays you when the visitors to your blog click on the AdSense advertisements on your site.  This is called "click through."  Google pays you a varied amount depending on the ad which was clicked on.

 Adsense is only one of the better ways to monetize your blog.  It is simple, passive, and people are almost used to seeing Adsense ads and therefore will be more apt to click on them.  If you don't have an Adsense account then you need to sign up for one.  A similar system you should probably check out is BidverTiser.com which has come into prominence fairly recently.

Before you do, make sure you have a website already set up with some unique content on.  Create a blog at blogger.com if you have to of if you can install WordPress from the control panel from your hosting account, that is a better choice.  So long as it has unique and appropriate content, Google will be happy and approve your account.

The first thing to do is to make sure you blend your ads in with your website content.  People are used to seeing Adsense ads, but don't make it too obvious!  Blend them in to the same colors as your website and make them look like normal web links.
You can see from the following example how the Adsense adverts are blended into the website design.  In the posts on the left, the adverts look like links and are blended into the text so they are very hard to miss.


On the right you can see the adverts are blended into the sidebar.  Below these adverts is the navigation menu, but the ads are above the fold, making sure the visitor sees them.

You should also remember that Google doesn't allow you to show more than 3 ad blocks on a page, which means you need to set your blog to only display 2 or 3 posts per page.  If you have Adsense in the sidebar, like the above site, you can only really have 2 posts on a page.

If your Adsense adverts appear to be untargeted, then that is because you haven't set the meta tags on your blog correctly.  If you install a plug-in called Headspace 2 then it will allow you to set the meta-tags across the whole site and on individual posts.  This will help to ensure that your ads are relevant.

There are over 3,500 different plug ins for WordPress, which means 3,500+ different ways of extending the functionality of the blogs, so you can add different features to it. There are thousands of free themes, so you can change how it looks, or you can create your own. And you can do all this without being technical and in just a few minutes. WordPress with plug-ins is incredibly powerful and extremely flexible.  What plug-ins you will want for your particular blog are up to you, but they can extend the functionality of your blog and make it FAR more search engine friendly if you will just use them.  For the most part they are easy to install. They can literally turn you blog into a cash machine if you employ the plug-ins that will help you target your ads.  An excellent article on what is considered the “Top 30 WordPress Plugins” by ‘Speky Boy’ is a must read article on the subject.

As you consider themes for you blog and pictures you will use in your blog posts, be sure to remember to use the “Alt Text” attribute for the image code.  Search engines will read these tags and if your “Alt Text” is relevant to your ads, the higher likelihood you will have for Adsense to present ads for higher priced keywords.

The more relevant your adverts are, then the more likely you are to get more visitors to click through on those higher paying keyword relevant ads.

Remember that if you are displaying a lot of advertising on your page, it can get confusing to your visitor.  Remember you want to earn from them so pick your method.

I would recommend if a post is promoting an affiliate program or another product, then it does not have Adsense on it.  The reason being you want to make sure people know where you want them to click. In fact your posts promoting affiliate programs should be relegated to a page of their own.  You can post a promotion in its own page in your blog and it will not have Adsense ads your regular post will have where you placed them in your post template;  But more on that later.

A visitor may click on your Adsense ad near your post and you could earn a couple of dollars, but then you've lost the opportunity to sell them an affiliate product that could have earned you $20-$30 a sale.

Google Adsense is an excellent way to monetize your blog and something you should be using.  If, for some reason, you can't use Adsense, then try some of the other contextual advertising networks - there are lots out there that you could use.  Remember to read the Adsense terms of service and adhere to them.  They are not above banning people and taking your commission away!


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