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Podcast Hosting Sites Reviewed

This article is going to provide you with sites that you can use for podcasting hosting.

You might ask "Why do I need a host for my podcast?" which is a good question.

The answer is this…Even if you have your own website; you still probably want to consider hosting it on a professional podcast hosting service.  Why?  Because hosting a podcast on your own site main drain your server resources, make your site or go down all together and may end up costing you hundreds in the form of "excessive server use" fees by your hosting company.

Letting a site that does nothing but host podcasts host yours gives you're the assurance that the download of your podcast won't affect your website at all or cost you any extra fees.  And best of all, you know that your listeners will always be able to get to your podcast which is the most important thing of all right?

Okay, let's get into our first host.
This site is very easy to navigate around and has tons of great podcasts to listen to. You will be hard-pressed to not find something here that interests you! The way it works is that you select a category and it gives you all the podcasts in that category. Then you scroll through the titles and click on one to find a brief description of the podcast and an option to subscribe.

This site is well put together and provides a large list of podcasts. It also advertises itself as the home of the 30 second podcast preview. When you click on the name of the podcast you are taken to another screen that tells you a bit about the podcast as well as the frequency it is produced and the average length of the podcasts. This is great if you are looking to fill a specific length of time.

This site is the first commercial podcasting site on the Internet. It is quite pleasing to look at and has some good content but doesn't seem to be as comprehensive as some of the other sites.

This site has a lot of promise as being a very comprehensive site, the only problem is that the pages under each subheading take too long to load so if you're impatient you'll probably go elsewhere. Also, the information given for each podcast is not very telling. All in all, good potential but could be tweaked a bit better.
LearnOutLoud.com is a site that is working hard at becoming the premiere place to hear audiobooks, podcasts, and any kind of audio media. While still in its infancy, it is slowly gathering resources to provide people with great media. They've selected some real winning podcasts.

This site was surprisingly impressive. It didn't seem to really boast at having a great selection of podcasts, but if you go to the directory, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

This site will host your podcast for you. They charge a fee, but they will also automatically attach your podcast to an RSS feed. The site is simple and well laid out and the fee is not that much.

If you will sign up for this company and pay their fee, you can send your podcast to their site and enable the RSS feed so that you don't have to have a program that does that for you. You'll still want to get your podcast hosted at other sites but your podcast URL will point to this site.

These are of course not all of the resources but some of the bigger and better resources.

These are resources all specifically aimed at teaching you how to find a place to safely host your podcast without draining your websites sever resources or your pocket book!

In the next section we are going to go over the best (and fastest) way that you can start BlogCasting in the most affordable way possible; free!


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