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Customer Support Email Replies That Make Money

Here is one of the keys to turning your support desk into a profit center.

This technique requires you do 3 things in preparation for replying to your support tickets. This technique requires some forethought and planning to accomplish your goal; making money providing support for your customers. I will provide the structure for these pre-defined support ticket replies in a later chapter. 

Whether you are working with a support desk system that has pre-defined email features or not, you can seriously reduce the amount of time you spend answering repetitive support questions by writing and building a pre-defined reply email database. By the way, the same concepts apply to canned responses you can use in free live help chat systems. Prefabricating Support Replies for Profit: 1. Research, locate and categorize other products of your own, Private Label Products or affiliate products that will compliment or add to the different aspects of your product the customer is inquiring about.

2. Write your pre-defined reply emails for your product in separate text documents, then name them and file them by category in appropriately named folders on your computer.

3. From your pre-defined reply emails that address specific questions about your product, copy the paragraph or two that recommends the complimenting product for that situation and file it in a sub-folder or your "Pre-Defined Emails" folder and name the sub-folder "Pre-Defined Email Reply Elements".

I will be expanding on the above strategies and more later.

If you support system has Pre-Defined Email Database features, you will want to categorize and load them into that database.  If not you will need to database them yourself locally.  I will show you a little technique I use to make your local database pre-defined system work almost as fast a support desk with a pre-defined email database feature.

You want the link to your complimenting product or affiliate product as an anchor text link in your replies.  If it is a link to an affiliate offer, it makes sense to have the link cloaked as well. I cover in depth how to structure your pre-defined money making replies in my e-Guide: "Customer Support Gold".

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