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Direct And Affiliate Sales 24/7


Have You Developed A Digital Product Of Your Own?

Have some product or service that's yours to sell? People sell many things online and services like PayPal make it easy to collect money using credit card orders. Direct online sales (not affiliate sales) can be a great way to monetize your site by adding a shopping cart to your website. You can sell books, info-products, cosmetics, and just about anything.

If it is a product you are creating, you can set up an online business fairly quickly by using third party online retailers or auction houses like eBay. Advertise your eBay specials on your site, and bring in money that way too.

You will have to understand more about the US postal service if you are selling physical products, instead of virtual/digital information products. But, you can pass the shipping cost onto the consumer and still make a profit. You will have to set up an area for shipping and try to keep track of shipping schedules so that whatever delivery date you promise the customer, they receive their order by then. So, there's a little more to sending out physical products than there is to delivering info-products.

That's why many direct sales on the Internet are using info-products. An info-product can be anything from an ebook or report in electronic format to courses or seminars in video format. These types of products sell well and they provide the customer with instant gratification because they are delivered right over the Internet! They don't have to wait for the mailperson to show up. It also saves the Internet marketer shipping and handling costs and that way it ends up being cheaper for the consumers too.

So, if you have a specialty or an expert in any field, you can write e-books, reports, generate courses, or any other type info-product and market that on the Internet fairly easily by setting up a sales page. The sales page can collect money using PayPal and then send them to a download page once the money is received. That's all you need to do to monetize big money returns through direct sales online for info-products.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales programs are ways to advertise and sell your affiliate partners products or services while collecting a commission on each sale. The advantage to this, over direct sales, is that you will not have to carry an inventory. You just put up the advertising links and that's all you need to do to potentially collect a commission.

When a person visits your site, they will see the affiliate advertising on your site and might be tempted enough to click on it. You won't get a commission on the click alone, like Bidvertiser or Google, but if they buy something, you can get a much bigger commission than Bidvertiser or Google for that visitor. The commission structure is different depending on what the affiliate advertiser agrees to offer their affiliate partners, so it pays to check out many different offers.

Ideally, your affiliate advertisements should be in accordance with your market niche and have an added value component for your visitors. However, you don't want to pick up affiliates who may end up stealing your visitors, as that is a risk with using affiliate programs. The reason for that is that once the ad is clicked, the visitor is taken to the affiliate advertiser's site and so you don't want to lead them to any of your competitors. Ideally, the affiliate offers should complement your offers, but not directly compete against them.

To find multiple offers open to webmasters, you can check out an affiliate bank like cj.com or clickbank.com. Both of these sites offer free registration for publishers and can expose you to a variety of different affiliate offers out there without having to research one website after another. Instead, they are all located in one place, the affiliate bank, and you can sort through them by categories to find some that will work for your particular site.

To add them to your site, you simply choose the affiliate offer that interests you and copy the code offered and embed it in your site. The rest of the program that tracks who clicks on the ad and how much you are due is tracked by the affiliate and the affiliate bank. It's really very simple to become an affiliate advertising partner.


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