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Finding Friends on Facebook

As we mentioned earlier, finding friends is not as hard as it may first seem when you log into your blank profile page. Facebook makes it extremely easy to get started building a network of friends. If you are truthful with your profile, you will start to find people easily by looking for them in the various categories that match your own profile. In fact, if you filled out all the schools you attended, you are almost guaranteed to find someone online to be your friend, particularly if the school experience was recent. You can even find coworkers from all the jobs you've had in the past if they are members of Facebook. Facebook will give you these options at the very bottom of the “Find people you know on Facebook” page. They will already have links set up to point you in the right direction saying: “Find classmates from (name of your school here)” or “Find current or past coworkers.” It's just that simple to do after you've already filled out your profile correctly.


Once you locate someone who is a potential friend, be sure to click on the “Add as friend” link. It will notify them that you are out there and want to be included in their circle of friends. You can even add a little message in the request, which is highly recommended. A great way to make sure you get a positive response is to remind them of how you know them and reminisce a bit or ask a question. This will help them to realize that here is someone from their past that they already know. This is important because people forget names and faces, as well as, some people get multiple friend requests and you can get lost in the crowd.


Finally, you will want to also search your email addresses from various accounts you might have to see if you can locate someone on Facebook who is already an email buddy. Not only can you locate people through your email address book, but there are also options to AIM buddy list and Windows live contact. When looking for friends you already know, be sure to explore the friend finder interface carefully.



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