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Going High Tech With Starting Your Internet Based Business Or Keeping It Simple

Planning With Pen And Paper Or Software?

If you are on a shoestring budget, you can of course keep your lists in paper notebooks.  If you already have Microsoft Excel, you can create a spreadsheet. Then, you can change your planning lists without having to rewrite the entire list each night in a notebook. You just modify the original and reprint it for the following day.

There are software programs that will allow you to build your to do lists and simple project plans free form (The way you want them).  One excellent tool for that purpose is "Notes Browser".  It comes with a 60 day free trial and if you find it fits your needs, it's only about $30 versus Excel @ Around $200 Regular Retail.  You can find Notes Browser here: http://www.notesbrowser.com/  It is extremely user friendly and has nowhere near the learning curve involve that big spread sheet programs like excel have.

There are people who swear by the use of PDAs for their to do lists. PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant and the popular electronic devices are also referred to as pocket or palm computers. PDAs are Internet-accessible and can be used to open and respond to email, program alerts for yourself, keep a list of contacts, and writing to do lists. These are just some of their functions.

The screen is usually a touch screen used with a stylus to make it easier to hit the small areas on the screen. One of the reasons people use them as much as they do is that they are highly portable and are considered somewhat of a status symbol. It's like you made it in business if you own a PDA.

Some of the advantages to using electronic lists are that you can easily re-organize them, print them, put subtasks in, sort them and filter them, and associate tasks with email addresses if you need to contact someone. Obviously, to do this on paper you would have to scrap the old page and then rewrite the entire list over again. If you look at it on an hourly rate basis, the longer you spend writing the task lists, the more economical a PDA becomes.

The cost of technology is always coming down and for that reason it is becoming more affordable to buy these electronic devices. However, laptops are also coming down in price and they are much more powerful that PDAs and equally portable. Whether you decide to shell out money for a PDA is up to you. You can wait to see how necessary such a device would be and then buy it when you think it will pay for itself.

Keep in mind that people have used good old-fashioned pen and paper to keep their "to do lists" for many years now. The key is not what tools you use to keep your list, but how faithful you are at building them and following them that matters. If you buy a PDA and never use it, it doesn't make economic sense. If you continue to use that same lack of judgment with all your business purchases, your business will eventually fold.

If however, you find the PDA or an information data system like "Notes Browser" are valuable tools that keep you connected and more involved in maintaining and updating your to do list, then it will create good habits that can make the difference in how smoothly your business runs. It's all a matter of personal initiative and style as to what works best for you.


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