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How To Find High Paying Niches To Make Money Online 24/7 Automatically

As mentioned earlier, one of the keys to getting into an arbitrage area that is profitable is locating high paying niches. You can go about it a very scientific way, using Google keyword research or you can go about it a little more artistically, by intuition and gut instinct.

It's best to combine the two and find new niche opportunities that are starting to explode on the scene just as you decide to take advantage of them by building a website. Otherwise, these niches do tend to have life cycles of public interest that can ebb and flow like a tidal wave. Once it's gone, it's likely not going to continue to hold as much interest.

So, you have to learn to strike when the time is right, and that means when the topic or theme of the niche site is at its hottest point in the market. There are various ways to learn what might be on the top of everyone's mind simply by looking at the news. Current events really are a great source of ideas for timely high paying niches. But, you can't just take an attention-grabbing news story and create a site and call it a niche site. There's more to it than that.

You will have to do a little research to pinpoint where the high paying niches are, even when you know what's at the top of everyone's mind due to the news. That's because niche sites are set up to specifically target a demographic of people who will be highly interested in the niche enough to put money down on it. You have to know who these people are, how they are searching for information, and what products and services would most appeal to this group of people.

<b>Potential Niche Markets</b>

We start by figuring out what you're good at. If you hold an expertise in any subject or field, it can potentially be a good source for a niche market. Obviously, you don't want to pick something completely obscure, but it can be the starting point for your research in finding some viable niche markets. From there, just start writing out a simple word list to figure out what aspects of your expertise might lead to productive niches.

So, let's say that you have some experience in beer brewing. You decide this it might be a great idea to put up a site dedicated to the home brewing enthusiast. So, you start to brainstorm this niche, by writing out a the following word list:

" home brewing
" beer brewing
" equipment for beer brewing
" home wine-making
" recipes for beer

Maybe as you're thinking about this niche, you realize that you really enjoy all manner of home preserving and canning, so you add some more word:
" canning
" preserving foods
" ball jars


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