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Awesome Online Success - Keywords, Auto Pilot Riches. Arbitrage and Search Engine Optimization.

If you haven't even started to create your web business, you have the most to gain from learning the concepts of arbitrage and search engine optimization. It's much harder to go back to web pages that have already been written and offers that have already been created, to include the keyword phrases, particularly if you can't even find valuable keywords for that niche market.

The reason for this is that many Internet marketers put the cart before the horse when they create an online business. They think if they have a hobby of crocheting that this will make a profitable web site. They think just because it's something they love, and know thousands of other people love it too, and that are passionate enough to make it work, they can make money in that niche.

We've all heard the Internet gurus piping up with "do what you love and the money will follow." If that were true, there'd be no reason to learn the techniques for attracting traffic because all anyone would have to do is slap any website together on a topic they love and wait for the profits to roll in.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? That's because it is. There's more to setting up a successful online business than just loving what you do and picking a topic you are passionate about. You also have to pick a niche that the market is excited about too, is large enough to bare more competition and that has enough disposable income to have interest in your higher paying ads and products!

So how can you figure out what that market should be? Well, actually, understanding that keywords pay out based on the popularity of a particular topic, you can easily research which market niches are worth pursuing by learning how to use the Google Keyword Tool (It comes free with your Free Adwords Account),  that is used with SEO techniques. So, SEO is definitely not dead, and learning some of the tools available to help you research markets by keywords, is going to help you develop a sound business plan that leads to success.

Now if you are just getting started and haven't even gotten your first web site up, don't fret! That's the best time to find out about all these concepts. They will put your foot on the right path and increase your chances of making a good income with every new thing that you learn. And, what's best is that your sites will look more professional, attract more attention, and can be flipped to other web buyers if you decide you get tired of them. Just adding a little extra effort to learn niche marketing and SEO can make a site very attractive to prospective buyers.

<b>Target Your Efforts For Maximum Effect</b>

Now that we've sung the praises of SEO, let's put it into some perspective. While SEO is still important, it is not AS important as it once one in the grand scheme of things. So, while it is recommended to learn some of the basics of SEO, you have to learn to target your efforts to get the most bang for your buck.

In other words, don't do like some Internet marketers that focus on SEO as their cash cow, while ignoring other factors like generating traffic or using other advertisers besides Google. That's why we've chosen to use Bidvertiser to give you an idea of how to use a little knowledge of SEO leveraged with a different advertiser to get the best of both worlds.

There's no reason to spend days trying to get just the right keyword phrases or spot the next big trend through keyword research. It's important, but it's only one component of the system you need to put arbitrage into play. Remember, you are always going to be seeking to leverage traffic with profit from advertisers. That's the basic system.

While you will learn many new and interesting things about the Internet as you start creating or refining your online businesses, try to keep them in perspective. It's easy to get carried away with one concept and forget about the balance you are trying to achieve. Keep the goal of money-making in site and don't waste too much time doing things that, while interesting, may not merit that much attention. Learn what you need to learn and move on. Should you need to go more in depth later on, that will be obvious. Otherwise, learn exactly what you need to get started, let others help you do what you can't do, and then focus on the bottom line of making money.

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