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How to Maximize Your Profits with an eBook

How to Maximize Your Profits with an eBook

Are you an author who composes e-books for hire?  If so, have you wrote your own e-book for self-publishing?  If not, why wait any longer?  Composing e-books for hire is ideal in that you are a paid for your work immediately.  On the other hand, it can take months to make the same amount of money with a self-published e-book.  However, it is important to think long-term.  Self-published e-books create residual income, meaning it continues to grow overtime.

So, how do you maximize your profits with a self-published e-book?

First, you examine all avenues of selling.  Your best option is to self-publish your e-book on your own website or sales page.  Your next best option is to utilize a self-publishing third party website, such as Lulu.com.  As an added bonus, turn your e-book into an Amazon Kindle Book.

As for selling a self-published book on a website, this approach is best because you maintain all profits.  There is no third-party website to share the profits with.  To create a sales page, purchase an affordable web hosting package.  A small starter package should suffice.  Your domain name should include the name of your e-book.

For sales page content, start with a catchy headline.  Is your book a how-to book on working from home?  If so, start your page with something like “Do you want to eliminate the long drive to work, save money on transportation costs, and spend more time with your family?  Then let me show you how you can work from home!”  Follow with the topics highlighted in the e-book or outline chapter titles, provide a small excerpt, and customer testimonials.  To get these, offer your e-book for free on Craigslist.org for those who will write a short review.

For the payment of a self-published e-book on a sales page, consider purchasing shopping cart software.  This allows you to accept credit and debit cards.  If not, accept PayPal payments.  For the price, set a fair selling price.  The lower the price, the more e-books you sell.  Also, make it seem like readers are getting a good deal.  Set your e-book price at $19.99, but temporarily or permanently slash the price to $9.99

As for a third party self-publishing website, like Lulu.com, it broadens your appeal.  In fact, if you only accept PayPal as a method of payment on your own sales page, use a third-party marketplace.  They accept a wide range of payment.  This increases your targeted market.  In fact, Lulu.com allows you to create more than just an e-book.  Buyers can opt for the print version.

As previously stated, uploading your e-book to the Amazon digital text platform as an Amazon Kindle Book is an added bonus.  You have nothing to lose by doing so.  It is free to list your e-book on Amazon.com and convert the document to digital text, the format compatible with the Amazon Kindle device.  Amazon pays you whenever a sale is made.  According to their Terms and Conditions, this is 35% in royalty fees.

As for why you should convert your PDF e-book to Amazon’s digital text format and upload it for sale in the Kindle Store, you have nothing to lose.  Plus, you target a specific market.  The Amazon Kindle is a small, lightweight device that still allows readers to cuddle with a good book.  In a way, the Amazon Kindle has pushed e-books to the next level without bulky computers and



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