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Where To Get Content For Infoproducts, Ebooks

 There are basically three ways to generate infoproduct content for your business: you can do it yourself, you can hire someone else to do it for you, or you can get private label content and modify it so you can resell it. There are advantages to each of these ways to generate infoproduct content. You can even do a little of each of these strategies to build up a library of infoproduct content very quickly.
Original Content

One of the best ways to generate infoproduct content is by taking your own expertise and putting it into a sellable format. This has several benefits: you become a noted expert, you brand your own name, and you own the full copyright to the material. The more unique and effective your original content is the more it can distinguish itself against competitive products that may not be as high a quality as your own.

Quality infoproducts pretty much sell themselves. People tell other people and soon you have testimonials and a flood of interest that is linked permanently to you, the author. You can become an Internet celebrity much faster than if you were trying to sell the same information to Hollywood or New York publishers who won't risk their business models on an unknown.

So, if you have a flair for making things easily understandable, entertaining, and informative and you are an expert in a particular niche, it can pay for you to put that information into infoproduct format and sell it online.

You do want to make sure that any content that you deliver makes a good impression. Pay close attention to avoid:

Spelling errors
Grammatical errors
Dull writing
Incomplete thoughts or ideas
Hard to read manuals

If you've never done your own ebook, you should grab a popular book from another vendor and emulate their success. You want to make the ebook easy to browse by adding a table of contents and making sure that a reader can go directly to a section that interests them.
Since you might be using print on demand services to mail out your infoproducts on eBay, you will want to follow and templates or guidelines that your third party dropshipper suggests to use. Figures, in particular, can be notoriously difficult to reproduce the way you want them. You can always convert your ebook to PDF and see how the headings and figures align and look once that process is done.

If you're not sure what to write about, do some research on Google keywords for highly searched keywords. This can give you an idea of what people are searching for every day and then your infoproduct can appear on the scene to fill the market demand. However, if you want to know what infoproducts sell the most they usually are on the following subjects:

    How to score freebies
    Financial infoproducts from making money, saving it, to investing and spending it wisely
    Work-at-home opportunities
    Anything to help people sell on eBay
    Health and beauty information
    How to manuals
    Information that relates how to learn a craft or skill
    Raising your standard of living or life satisfaction
    Entertaining infoproducts
    Gambling

This doesn't mean you can't create an infoproduct in some other subject, as long as you have looked at the market and deemed it to be worth your time and effort. The funny thing about the Internet is that sometimes you can even be a total failure at something and write books on how to avoid the same mistakes you made! So, being an expert doesn't necessarily mean you are successful, but that you have valuable information to relate to the buyer. Of course, if the information creates a potential to increase their income it will justify the cost of buying the infoproduct.

If you are really serious about doing your own infoproducts than you should be aware of the process to create one:

1.    Pick a subject
If it isn't one you are an expert in, be sure that you have the necessary resources to research it completely. One way to pick a subject is just to check out what is selling online the best. Then, you have a category that you already know is successful.

2.    Create the content
You use Microsoft word or even an HTML editor like FrontPage. It's going to be the original format, but eventually you will need to convert it to a wider format. After this, we will discuss the nitty, gritty details of what to include in your content.

3.    Convert to PDF
The reasons for this is that people can't easily download your book and modify it and upload it and sell it. PDF format is not editable and they would have to recreate the book from scratch to plagiarize your information, which won't be worth their time. Another reason is that the PDF format is widely acceptable and there are some free online PDF converters available that you can find just by typing in “free PDF converter” into the Google search engine.

4.    List it on eBay
Use the guidelines we talked about in Chapter 2 to create a successful listing. Remember to price your infoproducts to recover the costs of shipping and handling on physical infoproducts.

5.    DIY or outsource fulfillment
Once you make the decision on how you will fulfill order you will have a little extra legwork to do. You will need to either print your ebook or burn your CD, DVD, and send it out to get there on time. Or, you will have to notify your third party dropshipper to send out the appropriate infoproduct in the library that you uploaded earlier.

There is definitely some information that you should include in every infoproduct that you sell:

•    A short biography
Most people want to know what makes you such an expert to speak out and write out on the subject. If you can tell them from the get go that you've used a particular system to generate specific results, then you will show them that you are qualified to be considered an authority on the subject. Don't forget to promote yourself as well as your website and products.

•    Statement on resale rights or copyright
Did you sell this infoproduct to generate leads and traffic? Then you might have priced it fairly low and offered resale rights. If it is not, you need to make sure that you have a copyright notice on your infoproducts.

•    A sales page
This should be separate from the infoproduct and should just lay out the benefits of your offerings and further contact information and URL links back to your website.

•    A table of contents or menu map
This will help them navigate to the part of the book or the listing that they have the most interest in. If you are providing multiple infoproducts on one CD the menu map will give them a bird's eye view of what they have in their hands.

•    A description of the layout of each offering
This can be done by doing a brief overview in the introduction of each offering on where they can find specific information they might be looking to read. It should be a brief synopsis that they can read and get the general gist of each section without having to spend too much time reading the entire infoproduct.

•    Content, content, content
You should seek to provide your customer with the most informative and up-to-date content you can to help them see why you are such an expert. Of course, content can quickly become outdated with the way the Internet changes, in which case you can also offer to sell them updates or give them away for free to retain customer loyalty.

•    Easy on the eyes style
Your readable materials should have more whitespace and make use of bulleted lists, just like this ebook. Many people who buy digital products are viewing them online and don't want to strain to read the font or be faced with an entire page of the same font in one big block.

•    Eye-catching graphics
This can really perk up your offering, even if it is just a graphic on an audio file too. Definitely your CD cases should have professional graphics on the front cover and your physical book covers should also promote a good impression.

•    Website promotion
Always have a way for them to find your website information on the infoproducts that you sell so that you can do some downline or cross category selling later.

•    Resources section
People like to have a resource section included where they can go to find other information and offers that might be helpful to them. You can even use this section to promote your affiliate partners. You can also add a link back to your eBay store for those who may not be aware of what other offerings you have to purchase.
Hire A Third Party

Unfortunately, writing your own original content can also be very time consuming. You can start with a base of products and then start to hire other people to help you create more products and just lend your brand name to them. This way, you can manage the business of selling the products while more are being created behind the scenes.

Some people may suggest that you may not get a quality product by hiring third party ghostwriters or content writers, and that you will lose control of the project. This is not really the case as you can establish guidelines for what you want a writer to address and even provide the background research on which the infoproduct will be based. You just come up with the idea and pay someone to do it for you.

If you don't know where to hire people who can provide you with high, quality, content writers or digital infoproducts than checkout freelance sites like elance.com and guru.com. You can hire someone for just about practically anything these days. By setting up an account, you can post your project and solicit bids for your project. Like eBay, these sites offer feedback on their project managers and you can tell which are more reliable and easy to work with.

If you plan on creating multiple products and can offer a freelancer volume work, they may be more likely to give you a discount on the price. This is especially true if you what multiple articles with specific keywords that you are targeting added to your repertoire of infoproducts. Not everything that you buy will go on to make you money, but on average you should be making money on your entire line-up of infoproducts. Once you figure out where your big money-makers are, then you can concentrate on being the expert in that area.
Private Label Content

If you don't feel either talented enough or industrious enough to create your own infoproducts, you might think you're stuck having someone else do them. There is a middle road: private label rights products. Private labels rights products include articles, graphics, and even software code that can be taken, modified slightly, and resold as your own. The benefits of using private label products are tremendous as you can easily build a library of infoproducts in much less time and at a portion of the cost of hiring someone else to do it for you.

There are a variety of ways to take someone else's private label product and make it your own. You can change their title to something really great and re-arrange the information to make it easier to read and understand. You can take several private label products and compile them into a bigger product that gives you a more thorough resource. You can split apart a private label product and make articles from ebooks. You can modify a graphic slightly and use it as your own.

There are many online sites offering private label products. You do want to be aware that much of it can be low quality and you will need to try to find information that is good quality and private label. In addition, since it is private label, many other people can be using the same material and thus it can come up as duplicate content in Google's search algorithms and penalize you if you are using trying to benefit from traffic from Google searches.

You can even join clubs that provide access to private label products and thus be assured of getting some better quality products. It's up to you to decide how to change them to make them your own and whether to give them away free as a sales lead generation tool or whether to include them in a line of paid infoproducts. Most of the products are very cheap to buy, but you don't want to get anything that requires specialized skills or information that you don't have in order to modify it. In particular, software can be a bit of a hit or miss in private label because it comes with no instructions and no software support. If your name gets tied to it, your customers may wonder why you can't support something that they think you've created.

Do remember the axiom, “You get what you pay for.” If you are trying to develop a library of quality products, you will have to put some effort into making sure that the infoproducts contain valuable information to your readers. You don't want to put out information that is outdated (a much bigger potential with private label products) or that is so complex that you need a degree in engineering to comprehend it. Try to stick to information that is not only at a high school level read, but also that provides value-added benefits that can help the reader achieve some goal or solve some problem. Next time they are trying to do something, they will come back to you like a trusted advisor who will be there to sell them something more.

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