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How To Quickly Become A Powerseller On Ebay

When selling on eBay, your goal should always be to obtain Powerseller status. The reasons for these are many. By becoming a Powerseller you will distinguish yourself in a very competitive marketplace as being a business that does consistently good sales with a high level of customer service skills. People will trust you more than if you were just someone who opened an eBay auction yesterday.

EBay recognizes its powersellers with a unique icon next to the member's ID. It looks like this:            

It clearly identifies you as someone who has eBay's stamp of approval by meeting specific criteria that they deem qualifies you as a Powerseller in their marketplace. On top of that recognition, eBay backs its Powersellers with additional benefits that it doesn't provide to regular members. This can provide more support to your business and help you get deals that aren't available to the rest of the eBayers.

What You Need To Qualify

•    98% positive feedback rating
As mentioned earlier, the most important thing to qualify is at least a 98% positive feedback rating. This is why you want to provide the best customer service and be proactive in dealing with problems that arise during the course of your business.

•    Consistent high sales volume
Powersellers tend to sell more and more often than other eBayers. There doesn't appear to be a set number of sales they have to reach, but eBay does want to see consistent high sales to qualify.

•    Compliance with eBay's policies
Powersellers are people who comply with the rules and don't try to game the system. Their record of sales speak for themselves, but they also deliver what they say they will deliver and when they will deliver. They don't sell items that aren't allowed or try to bypass rules of conduct in the marketplace.

•    Good financial standing
Powersellers are current on their eBay accounts. They have paid their fees and anything else that they incur in the course of business.

•    Detailed seller rating of 4.5 or higher
This is a new rule going into effect in July, 2008. All Powersellers will have to have at least a score of 4.5 in each of the categories of communication, shipping, shipping time, and handling charges.

It costs nothing to be admitted into the Powerseller program, but you do get exclusive benefits that others don't receive.
Benefits Of Being A Powerseller

•    Priority customer service
If a Powerseller has reached an impressive sales level, their customer service calls to eBay will be prioritized and expedited to help support their business. They will receive customer support either through email or by phone.

•    Discounts on fees
Some powersellers who maintain good detailed seller ratings (DSRs) for at least thirty days can end up with discounts on their final value fees. The higher your DSRs the deeper the discount you get.

•    Protection for unpaid items
EBay offers protection to the seller in case a buyer does not pay for an item and the unpaid item dispute is closed. They get the protection in the form of a credit for feature fees for the listing.

•    Expanded seller protection
If a Powerseller uses Paypal with eBay, they can get expanded seller protections in the event of a losses incurred through chargebacks, claims, lost merchandise, and reversals when a payment was unauthorized.

•    Powerseller discussion boards
Just like you can get free valuable advice from the eBay online community, think how much more valuable it is when you are talking to other Powersellers!

•    Increased visibility in search matches
EBay wants you to sell as much as you do, so they will favor those vendors which have proven reliable business people over time, the Powersellers. So, they will have better visibility in some Best Match searches than the regular eBayers.

•    Free templates
Powersellers can access e-Bay approved Powerseller templates for free.

•    Perks, perks, perks
EBay is serious about offering its top performing sellers perks. They have many partner companies that they can work with to provide Powersellers with buying opportunities at a discount.
Starting Your Own eBay Store

If you want to promote various types of products on eBay, you can consolidate them all into an eBay store. The advantage is that a buyer can be directed to your eBay store and you can make multiple purchases from one sale if they decide they like your infoproducts. There is still some debate as to whether infoproducts will be allowed in eBay store formats, but the guess is that they will only be allowed as classified ads. You can place those classified ads in your eBay store and thus direct buyers to your digital downloads as well. So, this is the best time to start converting your infoproducts into all sorts of interesting physical products that people can purchase: flash drives, CD-Roms, and paper books and reports. And, since you will have various formats of the same infoproducts and less competition you can expect to make more sales from this policy change.

The startup costs for an eBay store are not that great, although you do need specific criteria to qualify for opening one.  You have to already have an eBay seller account established with at least a feedback score of 20, or be id verified, or finally, have a Paypal account in good standing. You will have to subscribe to eBay stores on a monthly basis but the fees are not that expensive for a basic package: $15.95 as of the writing of this ebook for stores that expect to manage less than 250 listings a day.  

EBay offers several different packages from basic to premium and anchor stores that allow more listings, but also cost more. Insertion fees are lower for eBay stores, however, ranging from $0.03 to $0.10 and they last for 30 days instead of 10 days. The reason for this is that they have a lower visibility than online auction items and fixed price items. The final value fees are higher when compared to individual auction listings. They start at 12% of the closing price up to $25 of sales price and go up to as high as 12% plus 8% above $25 to $100 plus 4% above $100 to $1,000 plus 2% thereafter. Most likely any infoproducts you sell will be in the 12% range plus an addition 8% for the remaining closing balance on infoproducts that sell at between $25.01 and $100.

Every time you have an auction listing, buyers will see a little red door next to your name like this:  

It is an invitation for them to enter your eBay store where they will find more inventory just waiting to be purchased. What’s nice about having an eBay store is that you can also start to associate yourself with a particular brand, unlike your auction listings which may be randomly listed. You will have a set number of web pages to make an impression on your buyers and persuade them to buy something. You can cross-promote related products from your eBay store in your auction listing and thus sell more.

EBay stores give you a taste of what it is like to do Internet marketing while someone else holds your hand (eBay). They have areas to help you with email marketing and store management. You will be a part of a community dedicated to building up their businesses and who can offer valuable advice on how to do just that.  You can even offer special discounts or free shipping from your store to help you compete effectively in the marketplace.

One word of caution as you start to do more mass selling. You will want to keep a close eye on your feedback score. If you drop below 98% positive feedback, eBay will take you off their Powerseller program. So, while it’s nice to have an eBay store, you should prepare to have a delivery system that is streamlined and can handle multiple orders as they come in. Otherwise, trading an eBay store for your Powerseller status isn’t a good deal. You want to keep them both in good standing.

Jumpstart Powerseller Goal

The way to jumpstart your goal to become a Powerseller is to combine auctions with you eBay store. It is possible to become a Powerseller in as little as 90 days, if you follow some basic steps:

1.    Start listing at least 10 items every single day. If you don't want to pay the extra amount for a 10 day auction in the U.S., you can do a 7-day auction.
2.    Failed auctions should be re-listed at least one more time to take advantage of the relist refund if it sells the second time around.
3.    Keep adding quality items to your collection so that you have a wide assortment of offerings in your eBay store and listings.
4.    Promote your eBay store through the auction listing and in the winning bid emails you send out.
5.    Have some low priced auctions to attract attention to your listings where your eBay store link will be listed.
6.    Try to make 100 sales a month. This will put you in the running for Powerseller status.
7.    Keep track on a daily basis to see if you are meeting your 100 sales a month goal (should be about 3 or 4 sales a day).
8.    Maintain a positive feedback rating of 98% to qualify.
9.    Don't forget your detailed seller rating has to be at least 4.5 for all four categories of communication, shipping, shipping time, and handling charges. If you get a higher rating, you can qualify for deeper discounts.
10.     Check out the successful Powersellers and emulate them.

None of these steps are really hard to complete, it just takes time and persistence. EBay will evaluate your customer service skills as you go along and so you need to make sure that as well as selling you maintain 98% positive feedback or you won't qualify for their program.

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