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Increase Sales Profits... On eBay with Repeat Customers And More

You can have the best product and biggest store, but sales are what makes a great business. You get sales by learning how to market your quality products effectively in the marketplace of your choice. In order to get the most sales, you want to get a loyal following of customers who can give you repeat sales and also offer you opportunities for cross-category marketing. You also want to build traffic such that you get more and more people who know your brand and are coming to your store to buy the products they've heard about from someone else. So, you want to build a referral network that, once put in place, does the marketing work for you while you continue to build your business. There are several ways to do this, but it all begins with the email list.
Resale Rights

Before you start putting your infoproducts out there, you will have a decision to make: do you want resale rights available or not? You can sell your infoproducts for a low amount of money and offer others resale rights. If they think they can make money by distributing your infoproducts, they will take you up on the resale rights and attempt to sell the product too. But, isn't this competition for you? Well, not really. Some products will not be given resale rights and others will. The ones that are given resale rights should direct people to your own line of products and those of your affiliates and partners using your affiliate ids. When someone else sells the infoproduct to their customer, you may lose out on the sale of that one product, but it is typically a low-paying product anyways. If it can generate a higher price, you wouldn't offer resale rights. And, besides, it's much better to give away a cheap infoproduct for free as a marketing tool that points people to your affiliate offers than it is to have to pound the pavement yourself. If you also have a membership site, you can get people to sign up to be members using your resale rights infoproducts.
The Sales Pipeline

As we mentioned earlier, if you can start building your marketing email list this will be the start of your sales pipeline. Without getting the agreement from your customers to opt-in to your newsletter or emails, you will be effectively spamming them with unwanted solicitations. If you do this, you can expect to lose customers, not gain them. So, the key is to have the new customer request to be put on your email list so that you can contact them with future offers, discounts, and news somewhere down the line. You can't do that if you don't get an email address.

As we discussed earlier, you can use an opt-in form in your classified ads that will allow people to opt-in to your email list by offering something in response for signing up. You can offer a discount coupon, a newsletter subscription, a free private rights label article, application, template, or whatever! The sky is the limit on what you can use to entice someone to sign up to your email list. Once you have that, you can begin to set up autoresponders to keep them involved in your business and to maintain contact with your customers.

You should have several autoresponders set up. An introductory autoresponder for someone who wins an auction and pays, profiling you and your business and letting them you will be in contact with them again to notify when their item is shipped. Those email addresses should be collected and, in between the auction ends and the item is shipped, you can offer them the ability to download your infoproducts for less expense through your website directly. You should be careful that you don't violate eBay's rules and they can change at any time, so always check back.

When, and if, they join your site, you can upgrade their email name to member and continue to communicate with them about the many member perks they have received for joining up. You should have various levels of membership and tell them the benefits of upgrading.

Don't forget to add potential cross-sell opportunities for people who are buying certain products. You can start to make your marketing sales pipeline more sophisticated with targeted emails to specific people who may be buying a lot of a specific infoproduct. If you see that happening, there is a great opportunity to cross sell to those people.

Try to keep you fingers on the pulse of your buyers and request feedback too to see how well you are meeting their needs. You can do this by simply by setting up marketing surveys or contests to get people to help you build your business at minimal cost.
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you can make some serious residual income with infoproducts that you might have sold months ago. That's because the links that you place in these products don't all go back to you. They may go back to your affiliate partners and when they make a sale, you make a commission. If your infoproduct goes viral and you have even given it away as a marketing promotion, you can still earn money through affiliate sales. You do have to be very careful to pinpoint affiliate offers that would interest the people who are buying your infoproducts.

If you want a central place where you can find affiliate offers to place in your infoproducts, you can check out areas like cj.com (commission junction) and the eBay partner network. Here, you can review multiple affiliate offerings instead of having to go one by one to find affiliate offers from particular sites like Amazon.com. This is the best way to do this and they are always looking for publishers to help make their marketers sales.

You do have to meet some minimum requirements for Commission Junction like generating activity in their accounts at least once every six months. They do want to see that their publishers are selling things rather than taking up disk space in their program. EBay used to use Commission Junction as their affiliate platform but in April, 2008, they set up their own: The eBay Partner Network. Be sure to check it out.
Advertising Revenues

On top of publishing affiliate offers in your infoproducts, you can also get advertising revenues from sponsored offers and other types of programs like Google Adsense. Many advertisers are finding it too difficult to advertise the way they used to – through television. Television viewership is way down and most people don't read a newspaper anymore. So, how are they to get a buyer's attention? Well, the Internet is still where all the action is and if they can hook up with an author willing to promote their line of products, it will be worth $100 or more to them to make sure they end up in y9our ebook or as a link in your infoproduct.

Bloggers have known about this for quite some time and used sponsored links to generate income through their websites. That's why you can even offer a package for an advertiser of a promotion in your book and a link on your website. It's up to you to decide how much to charge and where you can place these types of ads. Just be careful because some companies like Google perceive sponsored ads as a bad thing for them and have penalized bloggers that use text-ad links. However, if you are truly in line with someone's product there is nothing wrong with doing an honest reviewing and then posting the link. You can get paid for a review just as easily as a link and it can become a source of income for you and them.

This leads us to the biggest of the advertising giants: Google Adsense. You can generate income on your website and traffic for your infoproducts by carefully targeting Google adwords that are high-paying and highly searched. For this, you will need to take a look at Google adwords Keyword search tool and do a little research to help you narrow down profitable areas. By changing a few words here and there and advertising your products with just a few well-chosen keywords, you can generate more traffic to your listings and even get a payout from any Google adwords campaigns showing on your website that have been clicked.

These are the types of strategies you will need to implement to ramp up your profits and keep residual income shooting through your pipeline, whether you sell an item or not. It's all about the marketing and the Internet is the de facto place to implement new and innovative marketing strategies that can build a business in a few months and reap profits that you might take you years in a brick-and-mortar retail store.
An Overall Look At Potential Profit Makers

Okay, so you have your infoproducts and you know that they will be your main line of revenue, but what are the other potential profit makers you need to put in place?

We talked about the advertising revenues of affiliate marketing and sponsored revenues. These will also bring in money in their own income stream. You want to have multiple streams of income from the same business and they don't all need to be physical products that you are selling, they can be value-added to your customers and business partners. You can sell memberships on your website and offer to advertise their offerings too. This is a way to tie into building your product line without having to exert too much extra effort.

You can become such an expert that you eventually sell coaching or consulting services. These can be done all online and tie into your infoproduct market by offering online classes or establishing your own online university. It may seem like this would tie up your time in giving speeches, but with the magic of video recording, you can simply record your seminars and add them to your list of infoproducts, along with video advertisements for your sponsors.

If you understand enough about the Internet, you can even start to build online communities and grow your customer base so that next time eBay decides to change their policies, it has less of a bad effect on your business. Setting up online communities is fairly easy these days, and can provide you a way to build your marketing list and offer some extra services, including web hosting or turnkey website offerings.

Don't forget to do the simple and daily activities that can bring good results in advertising, like including an email signature with your latest offer and the URL of your website. You may want to submit some articles to a free article directory pointing back to your website. Or, you can write a guest post for a popular blog and add your information there. There are so many different ways to advertise and reap the benefits of word of mouth over the Internet, that you should see your customer base steadily growing if you keep at it on a daily basis.

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