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Automatic Delivery of Selling Ebooks on ebay - Yes You Can


As we discussed earlier in this blog about why infoproducts make ideal online sales, it's because they can be sold as virtual products. When you sell through eBay, you can still deliver digital products online, but you will have to advertise through the classified ads and then have some off-site area where a customer can download an ebook from you.

You cannot put links directly in your classified ad taking them to the download area as this violates the terms of the agreement for classified ads, but you can have an email address to let them email you for details on particular infoproducts that they might be interested in purchasing. That email address can be set up with automatic responders to help guide your customer through your pipeline.

The beauty of classified ads is that yo u get a sales lead and then you can also step them through your sales pipeline automatically using autoresponders. But, first, let's go over some pros and cons of automatic digital delivery.

The advantages to automating delivery are many. You don't have to fuss with inventory, and you can service your customers any day or night, with almost immediate delivery of their infoproduct. You not only get their email address, an invaluable starting point to building an email marketing list, but you also don't have to pay for stamps or gas to deliver the infoproduct to them. You don't have to provide customer service for people with hardware problems, and the worst that can happen is that you have to refund someone's money because the download didn't work on their particular machine.

Digital delivery is also easy to implement and doesn't require even a college degree to figure out. You can create digital products using word and pdf converters that do all the work for you, basically. You can even find templates for CD covers and use private label products that you customize somewhat to make them your own. It is the easiest way to have a viable product that can be created very quickly and put on the market and sold with practically no start-up costs.


Not everyone has the same exact pc setup and many people operate using outdated software of equipment. What may work great on your pc, should be tested to work on multiple platforms, unless you specify a required platform. You can avoid some of that by using files that work well like .pdf and .mp3 files or even straight HTML files that can be read with any browser. If you get too fancy with your product, like exotic formatting in your ebooks, or strange formats that might or might not work on older versions of operating systems, you only create more problems for yourself.

Another possible issue that you need to be aware of is that you don't want your customer to be lost in a maze of autoresponders. They should have a way to contact you directly through email so that you can maintain your customer service skills. EBayers will add contact information to a direct email address and then respond with the appropriate emails and links to their infoproducts after that send them to autoresponders. This way, they have some way to contact you should they experience a problem with the download or just aren't satisfied with the product overall.

While you don't have to worry about receiving negative feedback from your classified ads, you can still have customers who purchase infoproducts through the classified ads and then go on to purchase a physical product. You don't want them bringing in resentments from some experience that you set up because they couldn't contact you directly to air their grievance. It can save your feedback score, if you stay in communication with your buyers and try to address their concerns before it becomes a feedback issue.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, an autoresponder is an email system that allows emails received to a particular inbox to send out responses automatically. If you've ever set up a message in Outlook that you would be away on vacation when anyone emailed you during that time, then you might have already used an autoresponder. There are a variety of ways to set up autoresponders from websites as well as from email programs. If you have an admin control panel for emails that get send to particular addresses you set up for your website, you can direct them to respond with a chosen email response anytime someone sends an email to that email name.

Create Your Response Emails

Each auction listing of a product item will have its own response email. That's because you don't want to send the response for someone buying your  “How to Grow Your  Own Food” infoproduct to get a response for “Curing Acne The Natural Way” infoproduct. So, every time you add a new product listing, you will also have to create a new response email. All your eBay auction listings can be sent to same email address, but they will all need separate response emails set up as text files to include as attachments in your automated response along with the infoproduct you are delivering digitally.

It is very important to create your response emails in text format, or this won't work well. So go into any text editor or word processor and create your winning email response for each product that you are auctioning. Save them all as text.

Create a folder on your hard drive to store all your response emails and call it something descriptive like “winning eBay emails.” You should save all of your response emails to this folder with descriptive names, so you can easily pick them out when you are setting up the autoresponder. Naming them the same thing as your infoproduct can greatly reduce the chance that you pick the wrong email as an attachment to the auction listing responder.

Set Up The Autoresponder

Next, if you are using Microsoft Outlook as your email client, you will open your Outlook program and go to the Tools menu and select “Message Rules” and then “Mail...” in the submenu. A dialogue box entitled “New Message Rule” will pop up. Click the option in box 1. Select the Conditions for your rule to check the box next to “where the message body contains specific words.”

By clicking this option in the first box, a third box entitled 3. Rule Description inserts information into the text box there that states:

Apply this rule after the message arrives
Where the message body contains specific words

You will go into this text box and click the underlined words “contains specific words” and edit them to replace them with the exact title name of your auction listing. If you think you will make a mistake, even in spacing or spelling, then just go to your eBay account and cut and paste the exact auction title from your account into this area within outlook.

Then, you will go back to the second box entitled 2. Select the Actions for your rule and choose to click on the checkbox next to the option that states “Reply with message.” Again, the third box entitled 3. Rule Description will be added with the words “Reply with message.” You will need to click on the underlined message word and look for the appropriate text winning email response you set up earlier in the “winning eBay emails” folder on your hard drive.

You can change the name of the rule from “New Mail Rule #1” to anything you like, but make it descriptive in case you want to change it later.

You will have to make an autoresponder for every auction listing that you have, but once they are set up, you don't need to change them as long as you continue to use the same auction listing titles that you are using in your autoresponder.

Be sure to list the correct email address to go to this email box rather than your eBay email box in the 'Payments and Postage' section of your eBay listing. It should go under the area entitled 'Payments will go to' so that the notification of payment is what triggers the response email with the digital delivery of your infoproduct.

Checking For Incoming Emails

In order for this to work even at night when some auctions might be ending at midnight, you want to have your personal computer on and checking emails without you being up to do it. You can easily do this by going to the Tools menu and selecting Options. Under the general tab, the second section is called “Send/Receive Messages.” You will want to make sure that the checkbox to the left of the words “Check for new messages every x minutes(s)” is checked and active. Then, you can choose to tell your email client how often to check for emails by setting the time to something like 5 minutes. This will allow your autoresponders to run continuously without you having to babysit them.

Other Email Clients

This example was done with MS Outlook as the client, but the same process will be true of most email clients. You will want to set up return emails for every offer you are auctioning and then set up an autorespond email for email messages that go to your inbox. You will want the system to check periodically for new email messages and send out the appropriate response after payment is received.

A Word About Classified Ads

Although a classified ad will let you put an email address within it, it won't carry out a payment transaction. There is some debate as to whether you can even include a Paypal button on a classified ad. The difference then is that you won't really be able to digitally deliver an infoproduct by setting up an autoresponse UNTIL you've be notified that payment has been received. You can still hope to capture sales leads through classified ads, but harvesting the email is the first point of contact in the sales pipeline. So, you will want to include a mailing opt-in form in the classified ad that gives customers a discount on some of your products. Then, you can set up your autoresponder to send out the coupon or coupon code instead of the infoproduct. This means, once they opt-in to your mailing list you still have the potential to make a sale later and they will have the coupon as an added incentive.

You can still set up autoresponders for your website, however, and by carefully managing your email address names and products, you will still have kept better communication with your customer while really not having to be there to reply at all.

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