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Sell Info on ebay - Digital or Physical , Feedback Pricing Rules and Strategy

In this blog post article, we will go over how to list infoproducts that you will be physically shipping to your clients as well as how to list virtual infoproducts. There are differences depending on what you are selling on eBay and you should choose to follow the rules meticulously if you want to become a power seller on eBay.

The most striking difference between virtual and physical infoproducts sold on eBay is that using classified ads for virtual infoproducts keeps you from giving or receiving feedback. Changes that are now in place for eBay do not allow vendors to leave feedback for buyers unless it is positive. However, you cannot leave feedback at all when you use the classified ads area instead of the auction area.

Feedback is a very important tool to convince your buyers of your customers service skills and the integrity of your business. A good feedback score is even more important now that buyers will be allowed to leave negative feedback without repercussions from the sellers. So, you will need to make customer service your mantra from now on, if you wish to use eBay to sell your products. That means that you have to treat your eBay listings like a business and be as professional as you can be when doing business with buyers.

How can you increase your chances of getting good feedback? Just follow some basic common sense rules:

•    Always be polite
It doesn't matter if your customer is irate or trying to con you, in your opinion, they should still be treated with courtesy to protect your feedback score.

•    Keep lines of communication open
Don't wait for your customer to open the dialogue, instead be proactive and contact your customer as soon as the sale is completed. That way you can set the tone of the interaction by being respectful, friendly, and polite from the get go. In most cases, by setting the tone, your customer will be more inclined to leave positive feedback.

•    Reply to questions promptly
If a customer has a question try to answer it within 24 hours. At the very least, if you can't answer it right away, make sure they know you received their email and are checking into their question.

•    Always ship items in a timely manner
There is nothing that can ensure bad feedback as much as late shipping. EBay customers expect to get their items within the period stated on the auction listing and pay shipping to have it that way. Keep track of your shipping so that you are always early instead of just barely making it under the wire.

•    Shoot for up to 98% positive feedback
Of course, it would be great if you had 100% positive feedback, but there will always be one or two disgruntled customers, for whatever reason. If you have 500 positive ratings and one or two negatives, you will still be able to absorb the bad ratings and keep a high score. You need at least 98% positive feedback to be considered for the Powerseller program.
Listing Tips

No matter whether you are listing in an auction for a physical product or a classified ad for a virtual infoproduct, you will want to pay close attention to the title of your listing. The title is what your customer will read first and may not even click into your listing to read the rest of your advertising. It's the job of the title to reel buyers into viewing the rest of your listing, so that they will make a bid on it.

There are 55 characters you can use to create a catchy and memorable title. If you are trying to sell an infoproduct book on a health program, you don't want to give it a bland or negative title. Instead, you want to focus on the benefits that a person will receive from having read your ebook. So, you might say, “30-Days To A VIBRANT, FITTER, SUPERCHARGED, You.” You want to get the benefits across in language that excites your reader enough to click on the link. You want them to almost feel that title reaching out to grab them and pulling them in. You won't do that with titles like:”How To Increase Your Health With Vitamins.” And, of course, the mind will be attracted to the words in capital letters and register them more than the rest of the title. If you're not sure what words might attract buyers, just checkout other eBay vendor's listings. It will become very apparent what the good words are to use in the title. Now, remember that you don't want to overuse these words over and over in your listing because it can offend eBay's new policies.

The time of day that you start and end your auction can also affect how effective your ads are. The classified ads tend to run 30 days non-stop, but auctions can be chosen to end on a particular time of day, increasing the chances that you will attract more bidders. It's important to realize that most people work a regular job from 9 am to 5 pm. So, you don't want your auctions ending then as most people will be working and not paying attention to eBay. However, if you end it between 7 to 11 pm, you have a much better chance of catching people at home who might be browsing the eBay listings. The same is true of “date nights” like Friday and Saturday night. Avoid ending an auction between 7 and 11 pm then, and instead choose a time after 11 pm.

If you list your item for 10 days, you can list your item on a Thursday afternoon or night time. This will ensure that the auction ends on a Sunday, one of the best times to end an auction as everyone is home, sitting around with nothing to do but play around on eBay. As you start the process of listing, you will want to try to list something daily to get started and that way you build up auctions that end on different days. This is the way to start building your business up to Powerseller status. You can even list multiple items using turbolister to help put up multiple items in a fraction of the time it would take you to enter them all by hand. If you were to list 10 items for the first 10 days that you are starting your eBay business, you would end up with 100 listings at the end of 10 days! That's a very good start.

Don't forget to relist items that don't sell to give them a chance to have more exposure. If they don't sell after that, you might want to consider changing the title or listing description to make it more attractive.


There is a different pricing structure for the classified ads versus the auction listings. In auction listings, there is a minimal insertion fee that is dependent on the starting or reserve price of your item. The insertion fee can range from $0.10 to $4.00. Generally, infoproducts won't have a high starting or reserve price and you can expect to pay under a dollar to list it. There will be more added to the fees depending on what listing options you decide to get.

It's generally a good idea to upload a photo and allow it to be viewed on the main list, but this costs a small amount more. Then, when the sale is completed, there is a final value fee assessed based on the amount of money that you received for the auctioned item. It can range from 8.75% for the initial $25.00 value and another 3.5% up to $1,000.  If the item does not sell, then you aren't assessed a final value fee, but you still have to pay your listing fees. If you end up building your business to a Powerseller status, you can expect to receive some discounts on the final value fee.

The exceptions to this pricing are the multiple item listing (Dutch auction) and the Buy It Now feature available on eBay. You will have to pay more final value fees for multiple items, but the insertion fee is still based on your starting value or reserve. In addition, the Buy It Now and Dutch Auctions have fixed listing fee of $1.00 and $.99, respectively.

One of the perks of a failed auction is that you can relist the item and if it sells the second time around, eBay will refund the second listing fee. Otherwise, if it continues to not sell, you are responsible for two listing fees. This policy helps to motivate sellers to continue listing an item until it sells.

Classified ads work differently in that you are not selling an item or executing a transaction in the classified ads. Instead, you are advertising the infoproduct and asking interested parties to contact you directly to get them into your sales pipeline. Classified ads work mostly as a lead generation tool and not as a sales tool, like auctions. But, you can still generate a sale from a lead, and make some money that way too. So, the ads are based on a 30-day listing that cost a flat fee of $9.95. There are no final sales fees because it doesn't execute a transaction within eBay.

Keep in mind these fees when you are attempting to set prices on your infoproducts. You will want to recoup the cost of your fees, but not on every single item you sell. You will lose some on the fees when an item doesn't sell and recoup it on other more profitable items that are selling very well. Don't look at it like every transaction has to pay for itself, rather look at the average of all your transactions to see if you are profitable. If you want a book to go viral, you may even want to give the book away, but that will be discussed in Chapter 10, when we've already covered the basics.


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