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You Can Still Sell Information on Ebay - The Rules

As of March 31, 2008, the rules for selling infoproducts on eBay have changed somewhat. You can no longer use auctions to sell infoproducts that aren't in physical format unless you choose to advertise them using eBay's classified ads area. You would do this by listing your virtual infoproducts in the Everything Else > Information Products category. Even doing this, there are additional rules that eBay has disclosed that people using infoproducts must follow to be allowed to work within eBay.
The New Rules

The new rules are:

• No cross categories
The infoproduct cannot contain cross category information.

• Not allowed as a bonus in listings
If you sell other products and want to promote your infoproduct for free as a bonus, you will be violating the terms of agreement with eBay.

• No brand names
Infoproducts should be somewhat generic and shouldn't promote other brand names and keywords other than that particular product being advertised.

• No excessive keywords
To grab traffic, some promoters resort to flooding their infoproducts with keywords. This is not allowed when using eBay in a classified advertising format.

• Not point to outside URLs, vendors
eBay is really trying to knuckle down on people trying to steal their traffic, so they are not allowing references to outside URLs where they can buy the infoproduct or to other vendor's products.

For a more comprehensive, up-to-date, listing of the restrictions on selling infoproducts on eBay, be sure to check out eBay.com. The penalties for not following the rules can be severe and can include the following:

Cancellation of listing,
Imposing account privilege limits,
Suspension of your account,
Forfeiting eBay fees,
Losing Powerseller status.


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