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Selling on ebay Business Tools

The number of tools out there to help budding entrepreneurs increases daily. You should learn to take advantage of any sales tool that reduces the amount of time it takes to conduct business or gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace. You don't have to be a techno geek and be fascinated by every new tool that comes along, but you do want to be savvy enough to have some of the modern ways of doing business included in your business model.

Always consider the expense in terms of money and time before you implement a new business solution. Although something may be touted as the next biggest thing in business, you have to realize it may or may not be ideal for your situation. You don't want to waste time and money trying to keep up with the big guys in business, if you aren't making a good amount of sales to begin with. Always target the bottom line of sales and income to figure out whether the new solution is something that will help or something that will drag your attention away from the job of running your business.

Take the case of the autoresponder tool. This is a very simple process to learn and can help leave your future time free to build your business. It costs nothing to implement, as your pc comes with a copy of Outlook. All it takes is a few minutes learning and few minutes implementing it. As such, the autoresponder tool is an ideal tool for starting out entrepreneurs on eBay.

There are many such other tools that are out there for free or for a small fee. They include eBay templates, website templates, and CD covers to make a jewel case for some of your CD infoproducts. Don't forget the tools like the autoresponders that are internal to help you eliminate the drugery of your work. There are bulk listers on eBay too. Here, in this section, we will discuss what you can expect from some of these tools and where to get them. At the end, we will discuss some free tools that might help you keep expenses down as you first start up too.
Websites With EBay Templates

EBay offers many free software tools to help their sellers, but the quality of the tool you can access may depend on whether you are a Powerseller or not. You can buy Selling Manager Pro if you are a high volume seller for $15.99 per month, but if you were a premium or anchor eBay seller, you could get it for free. If you are not a high volume seller, you may only have access to the Selling Manager, not the Pro edition. This one is $4.99 a month. You can get email templates with the Selling Manager subscription, but you won't get to the free listing designer that you can use to create templates unless you buy the Pro edition. But, don't despair, you don't have to be a Powerseller first to start taking advantage of listing templates. There are third party sellers that specialize in tools for eBay to help make life easier for eBay businesses.

If you check out http://www.auctiva.com, you can get an idea of the types of templates and tools that can help you with your eBay business and they are free for registering with auctiva.com. Their one page listing tool offers hundreds of free templates to use in the auction listing. An attractive listing can help to persuade people browsing to buy your products and give you a more professional image.

Auctiva.com also offers a scrolling gallery that will put your other items you are selling somewhere within any listing that you choose. You get to choose which items to show or it will pick the ones with auctions that are ending soon. This can significantly increase the exposure of your items on eBay. And, if you have specific items on sale, it makes it easier to promote sales items.

Besides listing templates, you may want to use a template for your About Me page or your eBay store pages too.  In some cases, you may need to know a little HTML to get your templates done correctly. Other services don't require that you know any HTML programming language whatsoever.

At http://www.template-o-matic.com, you just fill in an online webform and it creates a sample template and HTML code for you. You will need to store the images of your item listings offline so that you can include them in your listing. Template-o-matic.com gives you the option of placing links to your other auctions at the bottom of the listing, like a textual gallery scroll of offers. When you finish, you can preview the template by hitting the “view template” button and then grab the HTML it generates and put it into the eBay listing area.

Don't forget that eBay also offers free store templates for people who sign up for a storefront. You will have the choice of a few screenshots of storefront templates to browse. You will then need to download the zip file to your desktop and follow the instructions on the screen to use it. You will have to be logged in to the Manage My Store section of your eBay store to implement the design page. They are located here: http://pages.eBay.com/storefronts/designtemplates.html .
Websites With CD Cover Designs And More

On top of auction listing and eBay storefront templates, you will probably want to make use of CD cover and CD organizational templates for infoproducts that will be placed on CDs or DVDs.  A CD or DVD takes a bit more work than an auction listing or eBay storefront because you will be printing your designs to use in your physical products. You will also need organizational menus and autorun programs to run the CD or DVD automatically or allow the user to recognize all the files they have on their CD by viewing it in Explorer. So, the templates for CD and DVDs tend to be a bit more complicated.

A CD or DVD might end up needing two templates: one for the jewel case insert and another for the label template. Label templates are often promoted on different download stores to help attract traffic. If there are no restrictions on them for using them for commercial purposes, there's no reason you can't use them. Be aware that color graphics will require a color printer and incurs more costs for packaging. Supermediastore.com had a contest for designers to enter their CD label graphics and they are free to download here: http://www.supermediastore.com/free-download-cd-dvd-media-design-template-label-campaign.html?s=&page=3 .

You can even create CD labels in your CD-writer software, but you will have to find the graphics for them. If you are using OpenOffice, a free word processing and business package, you can also use their free media labels located at: http://www.worldlabel.com/Pages/openoffice-template.htm . The type of label you need is dependent on the dimensions that you want. If you are using Microsoft Word or Publisher, there are also templates available for these programs here: http://www.worldlabel.com/Pages/template_1.htm . Finding templates for the jewel case inserts and the labels is not hard, it's getting the graphics and the product to look professional when you are doing it yourself that can be difficult.

If you want help and you will be using a dropshipper, you might see if they have templates or designs that you can use to help you put together a professional package. Otherwise, you might have to order the CDs and DVDs from someone like oasiscd.com that offers design graphic services too. If you are outsourcing the manufacture and shipping of your infoproduct, be sure that you use their guidelines and templates as this is important to ensure the best outcome when they print.

Websites With Website Templates

One of the most popular ways to get traffic to your site is to offer free infoproducts. So, while you're selling yours others are giving them away. There's no reason you can't do both and go and use some of the freebies to help you sell the items that you want to list. If you don't have a website outside of eBay, you really should rethink that decision. As the unexpected policy change on the auctioning of infoproducts shows, it's very important to have full control of your business. One way to do that is always to maintain your own presence on the web, independent of other third parties, no matter how successful they are. If you only relied on eBay and your eBay listings of virtual infoproducts, the recent decision effectively put you out of business until you could regroup. The same would not be true of people who maintained and independent website presence that can continue to promote their infoproducts in virtual form, irregardless of what eBay does or doesn't do.

But, to build a website you have to have some web programming skills, right? Not necessarily! The same people who offer infoproducts for free include web templates sometimes in their offerings and you can use these to help you create a decent website. What you want to find are sites that don't require you to link back to them if you use their templates. For one thing, it detracts from your brand and for two, it makes the product look less professional.

Freewebsitetemplates.com offer templates that do not require the link back that others demand. You can browse multiple snapshots of every website and preview it in a full browser window. It's really up to you to decide what kind of website look and feel you want. Some people prefer one column, other's prefer two and three column looks. Just check them out and make a decision not only based on organization, but also on how it might appeal to your customer base. The website is located at this URL: http://www.freewebsitetemplates.com .

You can even take advantage of open source web designs to help you establish a web presence with some innovative designs. Oswd.org (Open Source Web Design) is a website that offers thousands of free website design page layouts to browse and download. It really can't get much easier then this. Go to the Open Source Web Design portal at  http://www.oswd.org.

Other Business  Tool Resources

You will find that these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to business tools out there that you can use. Many of them are free and don't require any kind of credit back to the creator of the product.

EBay offers a free turbolister tool to sellers in their market for free. It gives people the capacity to list in bulk as well as edit in bulk. A tool like this can cut down on your listing time tremendously and help manage your auction items quickly and efficiently. It is located at the following URL: http://pages.eBay.com/TURBO_LISTER/ .

We discussed earlier how there is an OpenOffice program that mimics many of the same applications within Microsoft Word. It allows you the capacity to save in multiple formats so that if you want to sell in Word format, you can. It costs nothing to download and seems to take less memory than the Microsoft Office program. It is located at this URL: http://www.openoffice.org/ .

If you want a nice menu system for your CDs, you will need to get some free CD menu creators to help you organize it all. This one offers a tabbed interface  and drag and drop support. It is shareware and it is located here: http://3d2f.com/tags/menu/driven/cd/ . Along with this program, at the same URL, you will find an EasyBoot program to help your CDs and DVDs run automatically when they are inserted. You will need additional CD and DVD burner software to create the disk, but hopefully you won't mind buying a quality burning program when the rest of these are free.

Some good companies who offer software to burn CDs are: Nero and Roxio. They can come with their own sets of templates too. Check the resource section for information on where to obtain these products.


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