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You Can Make Money Online Flip Websites

WordPress is the best platform to create a website that attracts search engines and buyers in no time flat! It also makes the process of flipping the web site easy and trouble-free. WordPress has many plug-ins and features that allow you to optimize the site for SEO without really knowing a whole lot. This brings in targeted traffic from the major search engines. What's really nice is that WordPress is free to use. You don't have to pay for the software.

If you go to WordPress.com, you will see a sample of some of the commercial free WordPress blogs available to you. This site is based on the software available at WordPress.org. That's the one you want. You want to download the software from there and then upload it to your own host.

There's several advantages to this. You get to use more themes, you can customize it much more, and you have access to far more plug-ins than the other site. These are things you would have to pay for at the WordPress.com site, which is a community of bloggers using the WordPress software. But, the biggest advantage is that you can flip a WordPress site that you've hosted on your provider, and even make revenue from it down the line if you resell hosting services.

Installing WordPress On Your Host

To install WordPress on your own server, you will need to download it from the WordPress.com site. Then, you use the FTP program of your choice to upload it the host site. If you happen to have Cpanel, you can use Fantastico to set up all your databases for the site. Just look in under the Fantastico icon in Cpanal in the Blogs or "Content Management Systems" area. It should list WordPress, along with a variety of different blog formats. This is a simple one-click installation and makes for a very efficient and quick setup. In total about a minute.

If you choose to install it manually, it won't take much longer - about five minutes. Since you will be flipping multiple web sites, you have to start to be organized by keeping track of all your databases and database names. You also want some way to keep track of each web site user names and passwords.

One way to do this is to buy an old-fashioned rolodex and add the name of the web site at the top of an index card entry under the correct alphabetical letter. Then, add the relevant information for each web site on that card, from user names and passwords to anything else you want to remember. Then, when you can't remember the user name or password but have the web site indexed in your bookmarks, you can easily look for that web site name and find the right card to get you going when you are stumped momentarily.

If you are installing things manually, you will be able to tell what information you need to write down as you go. If you use Fantastico, the process won't be as obvious, but that doesn't mean you can't get the information by having it mailed to you afterwards.

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