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Finding The Truth Through Hype In Business

Hyped Trivia May Not End Up Trivial

Consider the following trivia and how it could be "Hyped up".

Trivia: The electric chair was invented by a dentist.

Hype: Dentists have always been evil. After all, the first electric chair was invented by a dentist! So now how do you feel about setting in a dentist's chair?

Making The Spin Get The Desired Result

As you can see the same information when presented with a different twist/spin can go from simple information or trivia to 'hype' or some form of information that is designed to generate excitement or set a specific tone or response. 

This is interesting to us because as business people whose goal is to sell something learn from this example that it is really not what we are saying, but the words used to generate a specific response that is key.  But remember, we all say things in certain ways to elicit the response WE want the listener to have. 

On some level this has always been understood, but when you read examples such as the simple one given above, it becomes very clear that hype is just another way of saying, 'marketing' or 'advertising'. That means that people naturally present a fact or information in a way that will elicit a response they desire. 

So if that is all hype really is; what if you want to see just the pure information on a particular product or subject? You want just the facts, and not the platter on which they are presented?  That is where skill and technique come into play. 

Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous sleuth was reported to have said "When you strip away the impossible whatever remains, however improbably must be the truth."  That statement when properly applied to any bit of fact still holds true today, and if you really seek to look beyond the veil of misinformation and prose that surrounds a statement you normally can discern the underlying kernel of truth or at least the most relevant data being presented.

Finding The Truth Through The Hype 

This then enables us to research that data and see if what is being stated is in fact truth, myth, or an outright lie - and that is how we see beyond the hype.  Look for the key words and brush away the fluff.  Specifically, look for the operative words in a statement made surrounding any subject and research the subject to prove or dis-prove those operative words.

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