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Greatly Exaggerated Publicity Can Lure You In To Giving Up Money Online

Webster's defines "hype" as something either "greatly exaggerated publicity intended to excite public interest in something such as a movie or theatrical production" or "somebody who or something that is extensively publicized." 

The latter is not necessarily a bad thing, and in fact can be good in this day and age when being recognized and having good advertisement is key to success but when as with most modern myths the truth becomes exaggerated to the point that the underlying message is not only overshadowed but in many cases has completely lost any good that might come of it.  This is what is happening in many cases with online internet marketing and business opportunities today. 

What should be excellent opportunities for success are distrusted and ignored because the hype surrounding them is so exaggerated and so extreme that it casts doubt and disbelief upon the entire business.

A Third Definition

In fact a third definition for the word hype translates it as a "deception or dishonest scheme" which is now what most people think of when they hear the word hype due to so many instances of publicity seeming or actually sounding false and deceptive, which is really quite a shame since the original meaning of the word was not totally negative.

Of course for our purposes in this eBook we are going to talk mainly about hype as it relates to and in association with business opportunities.  More to the point, how to find a good business, then working that business successfully on line or off line. 

When you decide to start your own business you may find yourself inundated with advice and input from everyone who has ever thought how nice it would be to be their own boss, whether they have actually made the attempt or not!  This type of hype may or may not be valid, since first you have to know something about the person or persons claiming to know what they are talking about.

Will The Time To Do Research Pay Off?

For instance the housewife whose friend started a business cooking ready made meals for "Both parent working families", and discovered almost too late that it wasn't possible to cook in her home kitchen without a business license and health inspection. She hadn't done her "Due Diligence" or research and was therefore unaware of local laws regarding her business venture.  However had she decided to just bake cookies, in some jurisdictions those laws do not apply.

Then there is the wood-carver who lost his arm in an accident and found his 'real' job's insurance wouldn't cover his injury since it was directly related to another 'job'. He may blame his choice of employment and say starting your own business is dangerous, but in reality his lack of research into health benefits and safety were key to his downfall.  It wasn't anything stemming from the business choices he had made.

Being objective and keeping a clear understanding of what is and is not related to the business


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