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Hype, Scams, Cons Have Tempted Those Seeking Opportunities And Business Ideas For A Long Time

Con men and false claims are nothing new, since Jacob first tricked Esau out of his inheritance for a bowl of soup men have in one form or another been exaggerating the value of goods and services in attempts to get others to overpay. 

Even today in our modern world where people should know better prices of two to three hundred percent mark-up for furniture and other goods are common, and the exact same product with a different label can fetch prices of four to five times the amount as the same product without the 'designer' label even when the buyer knows the goods are exactly the same except for that label! 

The perception of value is the key to most hype - using people's own beliefs and perceptions against their common sense and ability to learn.  I'm sure you have been caught up in this too - for instance spending $20 in tickets to toss rings in an almost impossible contest just so you can win 'the grand prize' which had you seen a $20 price tag on it at a local flea market would have caused you to walk away laughing. 

It is what people want to be true not what is actually factual that is key to hyping a product or service.

Again let me remind you that 'hype' is not a bad word, despite the connotations it has come to retain.  To 'hype' a product is merely to tout it's benefits which is what advertising is all about, and many a street vendor crying out the benefits of his wares would be offended to know that many people believe him to be a huckster just because of his method of delivery. 

The problem is that people have an almost genetic memory and after too many abuses via any delivery method they will begin to associate the message delivery itself with the perceived value of the message. 

Email for instance is by far one of the greatest possible methods for quick communication and distribution of information, but due to unscrupulous advertisers who 'spam' mail thousands in order to get a percentage of a percent return most of us ignore or delete any advertising that comes from a source we do not recognize.  In this case the 'hype' has become mere background noise, or worse yet an annoyance with which we have to deal rather then an integral part of our lives.


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