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We Use Hype Daily - Look Out

We All Use Everyday Hype

For most of us the concept of excitement and generated enthusiasm is certainly nothing new - whether it is attending a local pep rally to hype everybody up to support the home team, a sales pitch to get the juices flowing for the sales team, or just the Monday night T.V. preview to 'get us in the mood' for a show coming up Tuesday night, we all understand the value of everyday hype. 

Even something as simple as a 'Coming Soon' sign for a local business has the potential to catch interest and raise excitement. Such is the nature and the job of hype and the potential it has to affect our lives and business opportunities.

For some a return to the 'good old days' includes a vague concept of a time without hype, without someone trying to "sell" us something we don't need or want. However, in reality no such time ever existed. 

Hype is a necessary part of the sales process to influence people to buy.  As such it is not only all around us today but has always been all around us.  It is in fact a part of our very nature to embellish and exaggerate - because doing so makes us feel important and alive. 

Even the most modest of us manage to add value and excitement without lying and without glossing over any of the poorer aspects of a product we like.  Unfortunately the morally wretched among us seek out ways to delude the rest of us into thinking a problem is really a 'feature', or just flat out lie to make a sale, knowing full well once they have the money they couldn't care less how we feel about them or the product.  In any case, these attitudes and our inherent fascination with hype in all it's many forms has been with us forever, and is likely to stay with us until the end of time

Trivia vs. Hype

Many people confuse hype which is generated excitement with 'falsehoods' and strangely enough even more people seem to combine the meaning of falsehoods with myths which are really just exaggerated hypes or hypes with lies.  Perhaps one way to help understand this is to list a few bits of trivia and then show you how each could be turned into 'hype':

Trivia: The plastic items on the ends of shoelaces are 'aglets.'
Hype: Aglets, the plastic ends of shoelaces make getting our shoelaces through the eyelets in your shoes so simple your 3 year old can do it with ease!

Trivia: The original owner of the Marlboro Cigarette Company died of lung cancer.

Hype: Cigarettes kill, as is shown by the original owner of the Marlboro Company dying of lung cancer!

Trivia: Half of Americans live within fifty miles of their birthplace.

Hype: Home really is where the heart is - more than half of Americans stay within fifty miles of their birthplace.

Trivia: The electric chair was invented by a dentist.

Hype: Dentists have always been evil, even the first electric chair was invented by a dentist!

Considering the results of the hyped trivia above, you can see how easily words can be used to elicit specific results from a reader or listener if the listener is open to the suggestive words.


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