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Easy Questions To Find Out Do You Have The Personality To Work From Home

Working at home is perfect for some people, but just not right for others. Either way, it’s perfectly okay as long as you know where you stand. You can be an excellent mother and work outside the home. For some people, working in the home and trying to parent full-time just doesn’t work out for the benefit of all involved. It all comes down to personality.


So, do you have what it takes to make a go of a home-based career? Ask yourself these questions and do answer honestly:


  • Am I Self-Disciplined?

    Working at home is still working. Add in a baby, a toddler or a small child and the job becomes two-in-one for certain. To pull off a business or even to take your full-time job into a telecommuting setting, you’ll have to have discipline. If you’re the type that tends to stray when a boss isn’t looking over your shoulder, leaving the workaday world behind might not be for you. There are ways to overcome this obstacle, but a little self-discipline will be needed first.
  • Can I Stand Not Having The “Adult” Interaction?

    Working at home does mean spending a lot of time with little people. Some mothers thrive in both jobs when they keep them separate. The truth is work-at-home moms often lack in communication time with adults. For some, this is no problem to overcome. Others, however, discover that dealing with clients on the phone or via e-mail just isn’t enough adult interaction.
  • Am I Motivated Enough To Pull This Off?

    Working in an office setting tends to be motivating all on its own. Even procrastinators can thrive in an environment where deadlines are set by others, work is overlooked and a paycheck is riding on performance. Working at home is truly a different ballgame. If you are motivated and have a track record for being a self-starter, you are likely to do well.
  • Can I Set Hours And Stick With Them?

    Working at home does present the danger of setting yourself up for working too much. It is often best to set “office” hours and stick with them. Of course, you’ll want to take time off occasionally to visit a park, see a school play and so on. That’s okay! The question is, can you stick with a schedule without a boss on a fairly regular basis?

Working at home sounds fun and rewarding. For many, it is. Others just find they do not thrive in this setting. Be honest with yourself and you will choose the right path to take.



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