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WAHM, Extra Income - Work at Home as a Transcriptionist

 Moms Can Work at Home as a Transcriptionist

Working at home is important to mom's that want to keep their children out of daycare. This takes some quick thinking if they need to work to help support the family. What can a mom with small children at home do to make money? She can be a transcriptionist. This type of work is available more so than any other work at home job. You can work for an online company or send out cards to local organizations advertising your services.

Some transcribers take a transcription class to learn how to use the different equipment, but this is not always necessary if you are a fast typist with a computer and a Windows Media player. Most companies online are looking for a fast typist with the ability to transcribe interviews, meeting minutes and even notes dictated with the use of a MP3 player such as Windows Media player.

The client usually sends the MP3 files through an Internet server that allows large audio files to be sent. Sendthisfile.com is a popular place that people use to send out files to the transcriber. You as the receiver, downloads the file to your computer and you can work on the file right away or do it when you have time depending on the agreed to completion time. 

If you have coding and medical transcription skills, you can apply at local clinics and hospitals. Many doctors seek offsite transcribers because it is cheaper than hiring a full time employ and paying health benefits. Outsourcing has become very popular with the medical profession. If you do not have the medical coding skills, you can take an online certification program and learn everything you need to know.

Transcription is not a hard job to do, but you do need to have a quiet work area. This would be a great job for a mom that has time to work at night after the kids are in bed or when they are taking their naps. You need a place that offers few distractions because some of the audios may not be as clear as what others are. Some audios files are crystal clear, while others are fuzzy. This is especially true if you are transcribing police interview tapes. 

Many police stations outsource police interviews. These come from all around the country and you have to listen very carefully to what is being said. If the dialect is something you are not used to hearing, you might have to listen to it a few times to get every word correct. Transcribing for police department's means that you have to sign a confidentially agreement and work steady every day. This is ideal for mothers with older children.

A transcriptionist can make anywhere from $25 an audio hour to $100 per audio hour. You are not paid for your actual hours of transcribing, but for audio hours. In order to make money, you need to have a typing speed of fifty plus words a minute. This however will not matter if the audio is not clear. You can take some steps to make sure that you only work with clear conversations when transcribing.

Many clients will specify if the audio file is clear or not. They do this because they do not want you to take a job and not be able to complete it. This is also helpful when you are giving the client a price per audio hour and determining the time it will take to transcribe the audio. Depending on how fast you type, you could easily do an audio hour in about two to three hours. Keep this in mind when pricing each job.

How do you find transcription jobs online? Transcription jobs can be found at job bidding sites or by contacting companies that advertise for a transcriptionist on job boards like Monster.com. You can also Google transcriptionist and find some companies that have clients looking for a transcriber. These companies usually require you to take a typing test through Brainbench.com so they can see how fast you type without errors.

There are so many transcribing opportunities for a work at home mom if you have transcribing skills. As long as you have a quiet place to work and a reliable computer, you can make a monthly income at home as a transcriptionist. 



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