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Six Sigma Certification Can Help legitimize


The Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook


When you're ready to tackle your business's most intractable problems, you're ready for The Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook. Going far beyond simplified or hypothetical explanations of Six Sigma aimed at novices, this Handbook delivers practical, working tools to sophisticated Six Sigma practitioners. You get details on advanced methods, quantitative and intense, aimed only at those Six Sigma practitioners who are unwilling to settle for anything less than the best possible performance in manufacturing and services.Written by four top Six Sigma coaches from the world-renowned Motorola University, this second volume in the much-anticipated Six Sigma Operational Methods Series shows Six Sigma Black Belts, Master Black Belts, Champions, and Sponsors how to help their companies move measurably closer to sustainable, world-class business results. Delving into the most complex difficulties that businesses face, the Handbook provides methods and models that work throughout the enterprise, integrating and aligning disparate functions such as R&D, manufacturing, human resources, finance, marketing, quality, and customer service into a forward-moving, ever-improving whole that is in line with corporate vision, mission, and key strategies.

For the first time, the Six Sigma Management System is detailed to show how project level methods and team approaches are integrated with leadership practices and tools to achieve long-term sustainable improvements.Look inside for the potent analytical and strategic tools you need to Lead multiple initiatives without conflictEstimate quality project cost on a project-by-project basisSolve complicated problems with resourceful tools that drive creativity and innovationUnderstand and write logical Six Sigma financial reportsMentor business skills and team/leadership skills throughout the enterpriseDrive engaged leadership teams through implementation of the Sig Sigma Management System for sustainable, integrated improvement effortsIf you're ready for serious combat with tough-as-nails business problems, The Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook is the book for you.

This results-driven manual shows Black Belts, Master Black Belts, Champions, Sponsors and other trained Six Sigma practitioners how to get down and dirty with erratic, error-prone processes and slow cycle times everywhere in the enterprise. More than that, the Handbook trains yuou in across-the-enterprise process improvement, showing you how to use a sophistic and Six Sigma Management System to resolve stubborn, resistant problems in communication, performance, and managing change.Loaded with advanced, yet practical approaches, leadership pearls, and analytical solutions that break intractable business logjams, The Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook helps you Manage an integrated organization-wide, improvement effortSteer large-scale projectsGuide several projects at the same timeProduce sustainable Six Sigma results in areas such as human resources and marketingOptimize transactional processes such as billing and customer supportUse Six Sigma weaponry to move the entire enterprise measurably closer to mission accomplishedSuccess stories from enthusiastic Six Sigma companies such as Motorola, General Electric, Allied Signal, and Citibank will keep you reading. Innovative mehods in team leadership, aligning the organization, analysis, financial measurement, and problem-solving will have you eager to put them to work.If you're an accomplished Six Sigma warrior, whether your organization is small or large, The Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook is the tactical weapon you need to measurably take your business to the next level of accomplishment, improvement, and coherence.

Tom McCarty is the Director of Consulting Services for Motorola University. Tom and the Consulting Services team are dedicated to improving the business performance of Motorola's suppliers, channel partners, customers and business alliances through the full implementation of Six Sigma Business Improvement Campaigns. For the past five years, Tom has worked with numerous executive teams to help them formulate strategic plans, Balanced Scorecards, and focused Six Sigma implementation plans. Tom is trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt, has 26 years of Motorola management experience, and has successfully led Six Sigma implementations for a variety of clients, across a variety of industries. Tom is a contributing author to The Corporate University Handbook and a Co-author of The New Six Sigma.Lorraine Daniels is a Master Black Belt working as a Six Sigma Senior Consultant and Master Instructor worldwide for Motorola University. She is a doctoral candidate in Industrial Engineering at Arizona State University. She lives in Tempe, Arizona.Michael Bremer is the President of the Cumberland Group, a consulting firm that specializes in process and business performance improvement. A certified Six Sigma Black Belt from Motorola, he lives in Hinsdale, Illinois.Praveen Gupta is a PE, Master Black Belt, and ASQ Fellow. Praveen, who was there at time and place of the birth of Six Sigma, has taught Six Sigma at Motorola University for over ten years. His first Six Sigma project was completed in 1988. He lives in Schaumburg, Illinois.
ChatSix Sigma certifications are offered by many organizations and companies in the United States , however the Institute of Industrial Engineers and the American Society for Quality are the closest you'll see to a central certification body. In the United States nor internationally does one central certification body exist. However online black belt six sigma certification courses, six sigma classes, programs, green belt, lean six sigma  certification are well recognized, proven and can be costly.

Well respected universities have thorough programs online as Villanova and Michingan Universities.

As reported on the financial impact of six sigma certification
  • Six Sigma Black Belts save companies approximately $230,000 per project – Six Sigma Academy
  • Trained and certified Six Sigma Black Belts can earn up to $38,000 more than their uncertified counterparts – iSixSigma Magazine
  • U.S.-based Six Sigma Black Belts earn an average of $100,592 in total compensation – iSixSigma Magazine
This error free business performance focus driven by six sigma proven methods that actually for the most  part existed for decades. A main difference is having highly trained individuals in a management led effort approach these cost cutting projects systematically in a disciplined approach within a basic performance improvement model, the DMAIC or

where :
D     Define Goals of the projecr or improvement activity
M    Measure the current system
A     Analyze the system, identify needs of changing the current system to your desired goals
I       Improve System ( use methods as DOE...)
C     Control and Maintain the new improvements


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