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Home Business IDEA #3 Medical transcription the choice of many WAHMs

 If you’re looking for an at-home business that offers flexible hours and interesting work as well as consistent pay, you should consider medical transcription.


Many a mom who works at home has chosen transcription work as their go-to business because they can control their schedule. But there is a generous amount of work available, so earnings are consistent.


Why become an at-home transcriptionist?


There are many advantages to doing transcription at home. You can control your hours and do the work whenever it suits you (as long as you meet deadlines and deliver work when it’s due), and you can work exclusively at home, never needing to leave if you don’t want to. The work can be interesting and the pay can be good, depending on how experienced you are and how smart you are at setting your rates.


However, to be a transcriptionist, you need to either have past experience doing this kind of work (perhaps at a job outside the home) or you must take classes. If you decide to run your own business, it can be hard to get clients initially, but if you work for another company that simply sends the work your way, you might not make as much as you would with your own business. The advantage of working for another company, of course, is that you don’t have to seek out your own clients.




If you are entering the medical transcription field for the first time, you must take some classes in this field. The terminology is complicated and you won’t be able to decipher what you are hearing without having some medical terminology under your belt. Of course, you will get faster and understand more as you work, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to find work without having some medical terminology classes under your belt first.


Even if you have worked for another company doing medical transcription, you should take more classes when you start your own business. This is something you can note your résumé or credential sheet and it will help you find work.


How to find clients


If you have worked in this field before, you likely have some contacts and you should work those contacts to find your clients. If you are new to the field, you can do several things. First, create a good resume or credential sheet. Outline all of your work experience, not just the experience that relates specifically to medical transcription.


Your overall experience can help potential clients decide if you are a good fit for them. For example, medical transcriptionists should type quickly, so a note about your typing speed is useful. You might mention that you have had experience working in an office environment, which gives the client confidence that you know how to do work that is assigned and do it on time.


It’s advisable that you invest some money in business cards and perhaps a flier or – even better – a brochure that outlines your services. You can hand deliver these to medical offices or you can mail them to targeted potential clients.


Offer to do an audition transcription, whereby the potential client gives you a small transcription job and you complete it at no charge. If the client is happy with your work, you can pick up a new client. This is one of the best and easiest ways for a new medical transcriptionist to add new clients.


Working at home as a medical transcriptionist is a good way for moms to make extra money. You can work part-time or full-time, or a combination of both depending on your needs at any particular time. Many moms find the work exciting and interesting and they don’t get bored. And once a client base is developed, the job can lucrative as well.

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