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Choose Facebook for your marketing - Tips for Success

With the growing popularity of Facebook today, it is not surprising for many business enterprises to capitalize on it as a marketing platform. The vast resource of web consumers on Facebook every day is more than enough to sustain any business if the proper online marketing tools and techniques are applied.

Any business today can enjoy a successful Facebook marketing endeavor although there may be certain considerations and limitations. Small to big businesses today can consider the following top 10 tips for a successful Facebook marketing venture if applied properly.

1. Consider the ‘Like’ Button

Facebook is famous for its ‘Like’ button where users are encouraged to click on in a show of support for the item displayed. It is easy to use the ‘Like’ button on Facebook with a WordPress blog that allows an easy plug-in addition to include the famous Facebook ‘Like’ button on the blog site.

When web visitors click on the ‘Like’ button on the web business blog, this would be revealed on their Facebook news feed with an awareness raised on the web business blog. Web consumers like to respond to a displayed issue through the Facebook ‘Like’ button to show their active participation and free expression of their opinions and thoughts.

2. Consider a Business page

An effective approach in Facebook marketing campaign is the creation of a business page which allows for unlimited number of fans. A business with a growing fan base proves to be a great boost for the company which implies a higher popularity in the market. The higher fan size would intimidate the competition easily for the business enterprise to enjoy further market favor and pole positions.

The Facebook Page as a business page not only allows unlimited fan size but also unlimited pages. Every business page must be set up to be a killer page that is compelling and appealing to every reader with original and interesting contents. This approach would keep the readers captivated and loyal to the business brand and offerings while promoting the company image on the Internet or by word of mouth.

A well designed business page can include updated content regarding the industry, business and social circles that would be intriguing to the consumers. Relevant information found first on the Facebook business page would delight web visitors to stay glued for the next update.

3. Consider an Opt-in Page

Every business requires more potential leads to boost their business; much less to maintain its presence in the market. Hence, it is not surprising to consider the inclusion of an opt-in page or tab on the web business’s Facebook Fan Page.

This can be achieved with a Static FBML when creating a page. The opt-in code can be secured from the Auto-responder and pasted onto the FBML box for an instant lead capture page where free ebooks and videos can be distributed on the mailing list.

4. Consider a Clean Newsfeed

Every web business Facebook page must be professionally set up and maintained. Hence, web business enterprises with a Facebook business page intended for Facebook marketing must ensure that there is no spamming activity that would blacklist the enterprise in the market.

It is crucial for enterprises to apply the proper spam block techniques and features to avoid their sites from being spammed. Regular maintenance and updates of the web pages and Facebook pages are crucial to maintain a clean newsfeed that reflects a professional Facebook marketing campaign.

Offensive words and black hat practices should be avoided for a clean image on any business enterprise wanting to be a market leader in its industry.

5. Consider niche markets

A successful web business enterprise does not take on every Tom, Dick and Harry just to boost its fan size. Friend requests should only be extended to trusted and worthy consumers who are supportive of the business. These would form the niche market to boost the business operations and branding more easily as they are more supportive with their marketing needs and expectations met by the stellar customer service extended.

Niche groups can enjoy privilege information that would draw quality consumers who are proactive towards the web business rather than taking on an observer position.

6. Consider a Fantastic Profile

Every web business needs a professional profile; much more a fantastic one that would have others green with envy while earning favor from supporters. A fantastic profile offers more information which may include some personal pieces; but that would be the differentiating factor to lure consumers into a close relationship for stronger business collaboration.

Personal touchups on the profile would draw more consumers to the product when promoted as people attract people; a pleasant personality draws many to its side.

7. Consider interesting Facebook Events

A Facebook event is always a happening event where everyone wants to be ‘seen’. Hence, the responses to a Facebook event would appear on the responder’s newsfeed which would be showcased to the circle of influence. This would trigger others to make a similar decision to attend the Facebook event which would boost the web business.

An effective Facebook event could be a webinar, product demo, new product promotion or free reports that would interest a good sector of the consumers.

8. Consider White hats procedures

A successful business enterprise must be consistent with its mode and form of operations. White hat procedures must be strongly exercised to ensure a high credibility of the business enterprise in the market at all times.

This also includes adhering to the stringent Facebook guidelines on Facebook page setups and marketing. A proper operation would ensure that the Facebook account is not blacklisted and the business can continue as long as time allows.

9. Consider Email Contacts import

One of the benefits of Facebook is importing email contacts from major mail clients such as Yahoo! and gmail. This would allow the business enterprise more potential leads to be converted into regular customers through proper business collaboration.

10. Consider Update optimization

It is important to consider the latest Facebook updates to keep pace with the changing trends and technologies that easily transform businesses in a blink of the eye. A business can be redundant overnight with the latest technological tools available in the market.

Only the competitive business enterprises stay alert to the new offerings that would put them ahead of the crowd of competitors to stay as market leaders in their industry.







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