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Reviewing 5 Top Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunities with Residual Income

Need a legitimate Home Busiess Opportunity? There are some. First off Learn to detect scams from the real thing
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Now these Top 5.

Top Pick! Legitimate Established and Proven  Multi-Level and Multi Stream Business Opportunity (for over 35 years)
My Absolute Strongest Recommendation and Income Source with programs as Family PrePaid legal services, Identity Theft Prevention and Small Business attorney services... You'll be proud to represent a strong company as Prepaid Legal, Inc. and rich too...

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Top Pick!: Turnkey Internet Marketing System
#1 Personal Website for Personal Growth and Webucation:

Achieve full time income working from home with a potential of a Millionaire Business. This is the NEW #1 Personal Development Site on the web in Webucation. One of the Hottest Internet Businesses of the next decade. You may have read about Webucation's great opportunity in a magazine as Forbes or Fortune. Success University capitalizes on this with both network marketing and internet marketing to Explode sales and residual income for you. This is my personal favorite as I find the Success in Life, Love, Business and Finance courses, seminar presentations and books worth much more than my original entry into premium membership of Success University.
nnd now you can join free, receive an incredibe $2000 Webucation package for just $2 donation to charity....

Success University provides an excellent way for anyone to learn about:

  1. Personal Success
  2. Financial Success
  3. Leadership or Team Success

This is also a hybrid of internet marketing and network marketing and it has the best features of both worlds. Personally,  I and many others shy away from network marketing due to the need to build strong downlines through communication and sometimes relationships that result in a ton of "no's". Success University has a complete internet marketing system built in to not only capture leads but follow up and drive sales. And from the network side of the hybrid joining, this pays REALLY well...

Success University gives you "private" access to more than 80 of the world's most advanced personal development courses on the planet... as well as access to over 50 of the world's most famous speakers, trainers and authors who collectively have helped millions of people become successful. You'll learn from people like Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, Les Brown, Jeffry Combs, Robert Allen, Lisa Jimanez, Dr. Tony Alessandra and many many more...immediate access to your own private "back office" learning center. This learning center is the most advanced, cutting edge, online learning environment ever released on the Internet.Sign Up for 14 day free trial and you'll have complete access to literally thousands of dollars worth of the entire Success University vault of education,

Monthly Achievement Programs, $848 in FREE Downloadable
Bonus Courses, Over 65 Streaming Audio and Video Courses...
See and hear the top leaders in the fields of Motivation, Leadership, Sales, Networking, Relationships, Real Estate, Finances, and Communication - from the comfort and convenience of your home or office
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Here's an example of a lead capture page Create Wealth Online -  Success University . My highest recommendation not only for the above but because its easy to duplicate the  training process for new signups. You will make much more money in programs as this where your downline can duplicate or multiply your success... The training is automated and complete the payments can multiply quickly and residuals allow you to eventully have your online business run itself . Strong BUY...

Watch the Movie at this home page


If you are interested in the Lucrative network marketing opportunity as a
Home Business - Visit http://newoffer.SuccessUniversity.com/new

Build a walk-away residual income that can last a lifetime! You will a turnkey marketing system to simply GIVE AWAY $1,949 in FREE education so people can take advantage of our 14-Day FREE Trial...When those people decide to remain a student, YOU GET PAID


Top Pick!: Residual 'Internet Income' Opportunity - Single Level

Third Sphere

This has the best combination of services for the hottest market on the internet worldwide. Small businesses are either looking for reliable hosting, email marketing, promotion , ways to increase sales online or automating any or all of these activities. Third Sphere found an affordable answer that I've found several years ago and is my strongest recommendation for small business online or online entrepreneurs on a budget "right. whose not ? ;)"

Anyway Third Sphere will pay you $10 a month every month for each of your referrals lifetime. For every person you refer that buys web hosting from Third Sphere you will earn $10 per month. The great thing about this is that you get $10 per month, every month, for as long as that person stays with Third Sphere

! This site has a forum , an automation station software, they'll even set up your own affiliate one or two tier program for your unlimited products , dozens of built in scripts and marketing tools. You may 'kick the tires' on this one for 30 days. As I did, even refer others. This way your second month, Third Sphere will be paying you.

Click Here for a free tour .


Top Pick Top Pick!: Home Business: Start Free


Strong Future International Marketing Group, SFI offers people worldwide the opportunity  to build themselves a strong financial future working from home.
SFI has been successful for a long time and has written  checks to many many people totaling millions each year. You can join SFI free

There are two basic ways of earning money with
SFI. You can earn commission by selling the vast range of SFI products from a  "Gateway" website All packaging and shipping is done automatically by SFI. This is truely an international program with website Gateways available customized for several countries.

The other way of earning money with
SFI is through sponsoring new members into in the company and  through residual leveraged income. The SFI syPestem works  because of the vast training that is available so that the success can be easily duplicated. One important point is that much of the training available is not free. Purchasing leads as well is encouraged at SFI.
There is a monthly fee after you past executive stage, an average cost is $30 a month can  be expected but by then , your checks should far exceed any fees.

This is truely a home business that you can be successful in your spare timeand grow to even a seven figure income. No wonder they've been so successful for so long...

Also from SFI  Earn Money Giving Away Coupons | Nice Offers

Incredible Income Possibilities


TOP PICK* Global Telecommunications:

"Right now there's a window of opportunity in the Global telecommunications industry that's bigger than the cellular lottery was decades ago.The product is Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP . The proprietary InteleFone Compensation Program is perhaps the most lucrative in the industry. You can earn money through 4 Separate Income Streams, including ongoing Residual Income from the Monthly Billing and Usage of Intelefone Customers and 3 Incentive Bonus Programs. Simply by GIVING AWAY a Free Intelefone to new Customers, you begin earning money through these 4 Income Streams: To join as a Free affiliate www.intelefone.biz/ebizhomebiz

- Leon Edward

Legitimate Home Based Business
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