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Work from Home - Asking Your Boss

 Asking Your Boss to Work from Home
Have you ever dreamt of working from home? You might enjoy your job but hate the commute or working in an office environment. You would love to work from home and know that you could do the same job from home. Your only concern is wondering how to bring up this conversation with your boss?
Before you even bring up the subject you want to be certain that you can work from home. Will you be able to connect with the office to stay in touch? Can you complete all your daily tasks from home? Plus will it cost the company anything to set you up from home?
Other points to consider are if you will need to install a business line. Will you need to have a fax machine, photocopier or any other special equipment? Some of these items you may have and others you may need to upgrade. This could include purchasing a better computer or upgrading your internet service.
The easiest way to assess this is to make a list of everything you require. Then note which items you don’t have and what the purchase price will be. You will need to consider if these are items you are happy to purchase or if you expect the company to buy them.
Next you should look at your ability to work from home. What are your reasons for doing so? If you wish to work fewer hours is this really an expectation that will happen? Yes you won’t spend so much time commuting but your work load will still be the same.
Your next consideration is your work place and if you can perform your job without interruptions. If you want to save money on daycare by working from home think things through. Can you work and look after your toddler at the same time? The last thing you want is to get permission to work from home and then not have it work out.
Once you have all of these pointers worked out then it is time to ask your boss about working from home. Ask your boss or your supervisor for a meeting so you have plenty of time to discuss the intimate details of working from home.
Carefully plan your approach and have all the details in place. How you are going to communicate with fellow workers. How you will deliver your work to the office and more. Try not to leave any stone unturned. This way your boss or supervisor can see that you have seriously contemplated working from home.
Your boss is sure to ask you why you want to work from home. Be certain that you have a good response ready. Try to put yourself into their shoes and think about any other questions or points that they might bring up.
When this is all in place then go ahead and ask your boss about working from home. To your surprise they may be open to this idea as it is becoming extremely popular. His only request may be that you come into the office once every week or so to keep up to date on all office matters.



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