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How E-Zine Advertising Can Increase your Opt-In E-mail Leads

Advertising with e-mail newsletters or E-zine is a powerful marketing tool that reaches a large audience for a low cost. When you begin creating your E-zine, you should begin with a questionnaire that will narrow down the reasons you want to use this tool:

• Who is your target audience

• What is your subject matter

• What do you want to convey to your audience

• What are your goals and objectives in using this tool

Once you have narrowed down your objects, it is time to look at your target list. Are you trying to reach men, women, or both? What is the average age of your audience? Where are they located? Do you want to create multiple E-zines to reach a variety of targeted lists? Do you know what the interests are of your audience and what they prefer to read? Do you have an idea of their educational level? Do they need the service you are providing? What is special about this target list? How is your target list like you and different from you? Taking an in-depth look at these questions will help you specifically to design your newsletter to reach your targeted list.

Another aspect to consider when you begin creating your E-zine is are you doing this by yourself or do you have a team working with you? How much time are you willing to devout to the development of the newsletter? What is your financial commitment in producing and distributing the newsletter to your target list?

To reach the maximum amount of people on your list you want to create your E-zine in “text-only” format. This will ensure that your audience will read the information you have sent to them in the format you started with. Do not worry about all the bells and whistles that you could add, you want maximum exposure for little cost and this is the way to accomplish that.

There are many components to sending an E-zine to your target audience and if you are doing this solo, you will find that you are the writer, editor, publisher, and list manager. This can be overwhelming for someone just beginning a home business in Internet marketing. Where can you come up with ideas for your newsletter? The answer may surprise you – right in your own home! Take a look at the snail mail you receive everyday – anything there you want to share with your audience? You can use the information that travels to your e-mail inbox – anything useful. Another area of interest is your own experiences. Let your mind travel outside your home or office, what is of interest in the world that you can incorporate into your newsletter? Coming up with ideas is not that difficult once you realize you have an enormous source all around you.

Another interesting way to come up with ideas is to post that very question to your audience and let them respond with what they would like to see in an upcoming newsletter. You can even make this a monthly feature within your newsletter. This will draw in more readers and of course, the more you have reading your E-zine the more profit you will be making.

There are many ways to publish your E-zine. Deciding the method you will use to deliver your newsletter is as important as the decision of what information you put in to it. Before we look at the methods available, we will look at what is required to publish your newsletter.

• New Subscriber request is received and you will need to add the e-mail address to your database and send a welcome reply message

• Receiving requests to be removed from your list will require you to remove the e-mail address from your database and send them an e-mail stating that you have received their request and that they have been removed.

• Mailing of your E-zine to each individual on your list, which may not seem that complicated if your list is small. Remember one of the purposes of developing an E-zine is to draw in consumers. If your list grows to hundreds or more you will not want to be doing this manually, you will be looking for some type of automation.

• Customer service will need attending to as well. You do not want to be late in responding to the questions or concerns your consumers have.

Now that you have looked at what is involved the three methods of delivering your E-zine to your target list is:

• Sending out manually yourself

• Use a ListServer that provides free service

• Hire a Professional List Host

You understand the basics; you know that this method of reaching your target list will bring in more leads than a simple e-mail message. Do not sit there any longer, start designing your E-zine today, and watch your business grow.

To Your Success,

Leon Edward



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