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Advanced Traffic Generation Tips For Your Web Business


Whether building or growing your online business, you need 3 basic elements to succeed: something to sell, copy that sells it and traffic generation to drive visitors that will buy.

Weakness in any one of these areas can very severely impact your results frustrating you beyond belief.

These 3 building blocks may not be new for you, but I bet that you have tended to think about them as islands, each of which you must master in order to achieve online business success?



Suppose you have spent thousands having a bang-on sales letter written for your business, and you are able to draw some significant traffic to your site.

You'll sell products won't you?

Of course, however, what happens if your product (or the product you are selling) is not of high quality or is not significantly percieved as offering value?

First, you will get many returns resulting in lower profits, additional service fees, additional support costs and possibly losing your ability to take payment online.

Second, a bad sale, even if not returned, will not gain you additional word-of-mouth sales. In a niche market, this means you will certainly miss out on capturing your market. In a mass market, this means you have significantly hurt your chances for successful press, reviews, interviews and low or no cost advertising opportunities.

Third, you hurt your reputation for all other business you want to capture within your market. High equity business build customer value over time by continuing to market additional products and services - typically higher-end over time. By releasing a less than stellar product, you stop your progress dead in its tracks.

So, as you can see, marketing strong, in-demand and differentiated products IS critical to your overall marketing campaign and important to traffic generation.

To truly move into advanced traffic generation territory, we have to think about techniques that will consistently build momentum and traffic month after month, rather than one-time traffic spikes that cannot be sustained.

This is important background to these 4 leading traffic generation techniques.


1. Writing Content: There is no better way to virally spread your thoughts, brand, products and services to a wide audience than developing content. Writing articles, audios, podcasts, blogs, ezines, special reports, rebrandable products, content-rich web pages, are just some of the opportunities that will both bring in new traffic as well as build relationships with your market resulting in more sales and higher value in long-run.

2. Affiliate Program

When I launched my online business back in 2000 little did I realize that within 1-year, over 75% of my traffic and more than 50% of my sales would be generated through affiliates and joint venture partners. Now with over 1,000 affiliates generating consistent, targeted traffic, my business largely operates in a completely automated fashion. I could literally disappear off the face of the earth for the next 6-months and still see very little impact on sales. Obviously, to build an affiliate army, you must own the rights to your own products.

3. Develop Your Own Quality Unique Products

What does product creation have to do with generating traffic? Actually, quite allot. Even if you plan a business model around selling someone else's products, wholesale selling, or advertising revenue, creating your own product is a MAJOR traffic building technique. Creating high-demand products will build your brand, gain you lots of no cost publicity, attract partners and joint venture your way, build word-of-mouth marketing, open up many new channels to generate traffic (Try Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and eBay to start) and can act as a leveraged stream of income for your business

4. Take Your Message To The Street.

Generating a stampede of traffic often rests on your ability to convince the market that you are someone that needs to be checked out and followed. So, focus on building your visibility through Press releases, joint ventures, keynote speaking opportunities, local presentations, teleseminars, seminars, courses, workshops, bootcamps, book reviews, trade shows, podcasts, radio shows and more...

While these are certainly ADVANCED techniques for generating a traffic stampede to your web business, they are not difficult, require no special skills and well within the reach of anyone looking to break out with their web business this year.

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