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Effective Opt In Email Lead Lists and Autoresponders

An autoresponder is the dream-come-true of every business that wants to optimize their return for the least work. What does an autoresponder do? Exactly what the name suggests, it automatically responds to opt in forms completed and programmed or emailed in to it. The largest time involvement is setting the system up and creating up to date newsletters and promotions that the autoresponder will then send out to your mailing list.

First, you offer the public a bonus or free service for signing up for their newsletter. You can do this through pop-ups although they are not as effective as they once were due to the number of systems with pop-up killers.

The respondents sign up for your email list and receive the free information emails that were previously written and are ready to go.

Using the autoresponder, and this can be either a program or a service, the email addresses are programmed in and the system then begins to send out emails for your in a time frame that you have designed. This time frame can be as fast or as slow as your particular offer requires, and can include everything from sales brochures and special offers to regular newsletters and holiday emails.

The best part is that each email can be personalized by the autoresponder to give the recipient that warm, fuzzy feeling that normally only comes through from a personal email. Because the autoresponder never sleeps, never forgets, and keeps a record of what has been sent, new names can be added in at any time.

Going even a step farther, a custom program of emails can be designed for respondents depending on how they filled in the opt-in form. If they change their opt in answers at a later date, they can be automatically switched to a different program of emails to take that change into account.

All this serves to increase your contacts with your lead list with a minimal amount of effort. Since every contact increases awareness of your company and product, you are, in effect, building your business twenty-four hours a day.

So, how do you choose an autoresponder program or service?

There are many available on the Internet but before shopping you will need to know what to consider.

You will want to be able to access your opt-in lead list from different computers and probably various locations so software should be web-based.

Bounce back emails will need to be addressed so make sure the program can handle them. How they do it can be programmed by you.

Some leads will want email in an HTML format and others will require text messages so be sure that the program can do both.

Save yourself a lot of trouble by making sure the program can handle both subscribe and unsubscribe requests. Programs that can do this should come with the HTML for needed for your web site subscribers.

Customization of emails to subscribers should be a mandatory requirement. Addition of personalization, including name and other pertinent information, is what will put your email ahead of others.

Finally, you will to have certain email responses flagged for sales staff to begin to work with. Having the system forward emails with specific responses directly to a salesperson can do this. This is so that contacts can be made and a sale closed.

Once your system is set up you will need to monitor it for a time to make sure the parameters are properly adjusted and that emails are going out, as they should.

Another option is to let a service handle it all. You just tell them what you want and let them set it all up for you. You only have to design the newsletters and flyers and provide the information to the service. Some services will even, with a bit of information from you and some previous newsletters for examples, design newsletters and emails for you.

If you decide not to handle the auto response yourself and go with a service, use the same criteria to choose a service and you would use to choose a program.

To Your Success,

Leon Edward


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