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Benefits of E-mail Marketing

If you use e-mail marketing correct, which means no spamming or any unethical techniques this type of marketing for your Internet business can be very beneficial.

1. E-mail marketing is a faster method and less expensive to create than other media communications. When you use this method for your Internet marketing, you allow for a direct response from your prospects to either join or opt-out. When you send your marketing to your target audience, you can receive an almost immediate response. When you create your marketing campaign, you can personalize it according to the preferences of your prospects and this is not difficult to do. Tracking and measuring the success of your campaigns is immediate with the responses coming in. If you thought word-of-mouth is great using e-mail marketing is even better because the word-of-mouth becomes a click and your prospect (if they like your services) can immediately forward the marketing information you sent to their friends and families. With e-mail, marketing you can also reach specialty markets quicker.

2. Create e-mail marketing easily with a wide range of formats including, HTML, plain text, and rich media. Customize your e-mail presentation for a select target or create a campaign that addresses everyone. Software programs are available that let you determine when you want to send your information to your prospects, frequently or sporadically. You are not slowed down because you need postage or the delivery person to pick-up your mailings, or even driving to the post office personally. You can send your information with the press of a button, and immediately send it to your highly targeted prospects and the response is just as quick.

3. E-mail marketing supports different techniques to enhance your information to the consumer. A tool that you may not realize is at your disposal for your e-mail marketing is an “alert.” With this handy little word, you can send an announcement to your preferred customers about products that become available or newsworthy events and your established customers receive the e-mail before anyone else on your list does. Customers like to feel that they are important. When they feel that you, as a provider, value them, they will be more likely to spend their money with you and not your competitors. You can benefit from this technique with new lists also by using the terms “special announcement.” Your prospects are more likely to look at this e-mail than a “normal” e-mail describing the same information.

4. You can utilize e-zines to enhance your e-mail campaign. With this added to tool you would entice your consumers to your business with eye-catching designs and information that is more detailed. Advertising with e-mail newsletters or E-zine is a powerful marketing tool that reaches a large audience for a low cost. When you use e-mail as a form of advertising you will see the return of your advertising dollars climb especially if you use the double opt-in technique. When you use this method, your e-mail campaign is going to those prospects that are interested in your products and/or services and will eventually become customers.

5. Another benefit of using e-mail for your Internet marketing is to create a Signature File. You can attach this signature on everything you send over the Internet. This can be attached to not only your e-mails, but also your e-zines, when you post in forums, and every other electronic media. Not sure what this is? It is a small piece of biographical information attached to the end of an e-mail or other forms of electronic correspondence. It can be a sentence or longer. This is an excellent opportunity to let the public know who you are, what you have to offer, and then direct them to your business. If you attach the URL, they can click directly on your link and find out more about the products and/or services you offer.

When drawing in prospects to your business the easier it is for them to find what they are looking for the higher the chances they will stay with you. If your website if difficult for you leads to navigate through, they will go to your competitor and if your e-mail information is boring or long, they will ignore it. If your e-mail information is exciting with a link that takes them exactly to your site with no fuss, they will probably stay around and then eventually become customers generating income.

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Leon Edward


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