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How Email Marketing Has Progressed

As a novice to internet marketing we need to get you up to speed here.

Internet Marketing actually began not long after the advent of Windows 3.1 and a graphical user interface to access information on line through a "Browser".  The year was 1996.  Yes I know there were other forms of Internet access available clear back to ARPA net in about 1985.  However for the purposes of our discussion, we are only concerning ourselves with the time since Internet Browsers became available to the buying public up to the present.

Since that time, Internet marketing has evolved through numerous marketing business models that have grown into what has become the commonly accepted form of promoting, marketing and selling products on line.

The open nature of the Internet provided possibilities never before available to the "Common Man", "The Aspiring Entrepreneur" and "The Independent Small Business Person".  All had the potential of building a successful business on line providing whatever income level the Entrepreneur aspired to attain. And all from the comfort of her/his own home if they so wished. The Internet literally leveled the playing field for the individual and small business person to compete in an open market with many large and established companies.

There have been significant, though not immediately obvious, changes in the mind set of the Internet buying public that have directly affected the methodologies and business models implemented, to court and win over market audiences within the Internet buying public.  Those are the models that have led us to the point where we are once again forced to ask ourselves, "What has changed?  What am I not seeing here that is causing my business model to not continue the business growth it should, did or could be?"

In The Beginning

In the beginning it was incredibly easy to build a targeted contact list of potential customers in any market by simply building a web site, (Using Note Pad), optimizing it for search engines with meta- tags and a few key words, then offering a news letter on that site. Period! End of Story! Ah for the glory days :o)

Where We've Been
So Internet marketing largely consisted of mass, outbound e-mail blasts and getting e-mail sales pitches right with links to a purchase page. E-mail technology jockeys found themselves acting as new-age marketers and it became more about crafting the perfect e-mail than about getting the right message to the right customer via the right channel(s).

And so the foundation was laid for the most critical mistake entrepreneurs have made with Internet marketing to date: failing to integrate the 'relationship building first' aspect of marketing into their business model.  Relationship building with prospective clients had long been considered a necessary part of winning over potential buyers in traditional, (Off line), businesses for literally centuries.

Obviously the initial lack of competition in the early Internet years fostered this mind set because, if there is little to no competition, all you had to do was make a good sales presentation, ask them to buy, provide a way to take payment, deliver your product and put the money in the bank.

The Internet was so new, and there were so few people taking advantage of the marketing potential of the Internet, it was thought there just wasn't much need to prove a marketer to be a solutions provider, or were someone that people in their market would want to do business with versus there competitors, because competitors were few and far between.  

I'm not going to go through the different evolutions Internet Marketing has gone through up to now.  You can find that information all over the web.  Let's suffice to say we are now at the evolution point where we are moving from "Two part, narrow channel marketing", disciplines, to the realization that Internet marketing evolved separately from Relationship Marketing and Brand Marketing.

Yeah, yeah I know; there are people in the Internet Marketing industry that have established themselves as a brand and have made millions doing it.  A few established themselves as a solution provider for their market early on by practicing relationship and brand building.  But they were few and far between.  Many of those that did succeed to "GURU Internet Marketer" status still ended up perpetuating the myth that the, "Two part, narrow channel marketing discipline", was and is still a viable way to build a successful marketing business on line.

Please don't get me wrong here. There are still markets that can sustain a business using the older type of business model. There are. But those markets are made up of people with these traits in common:
  <li>They spend very little time on line</li>
  <li>They are part of an older generation or not at all technically inclined</li>
  <li>They are new to the Internet.</li>

You'll have to admit, the numbers with those traits are growing smaller every day.  However, they do still exist.

Again; it's up to you to decide to use the old squeeze page method to build your contact list, the relationship building model or a combination of the 2.

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