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Opt-In Email Leads Explained

Opt-in leads drive your business forward without them your business will slowly churn bringing in bits and pieces of business or become stagnant and die. It is always a good idea to call your acquaintances, friends, and family they are a good start but they cannot hold your business together. The leads you acquire through permission based opt-in is what will propel you forward in the Internet marketing business. What are the different types of opt-in techniques?

• Opt-In – Consumers actively sign up for your services. The downside to opt-in is that many third parties can also add others to the list. When this happens, you may not know if you have a list of consumers who are truly interested in your product and/or services.

• Confirmed Opt-In – This is also known as, “Closed-loop opt-in” and is an effective means to having a list of consumers who want to be there. As soon as a name is added to your list, an e-mail is generated to inform the subscriber they have been added and allows them the option to unsubscribe immediately. This form of verification has become standard in the Internet marketing business.

• Double Opt-In – The consumer must add himself/herself to the list and then confirm a second time through an e-mail that they want to be on your list. Anyone who is added without permission can, in this step, unsubscribe. The added protection is that if they do nothing, their name is not be added to the list. The benefit is that they will not receive any more e-mail they do not wish to receive. You will not be wasting valuable time marketing to someone who is not interested.

By definition e-mail sent to prospects without their consent is considered “unsolicited bulk mailings” and is against all Internet Service Providers (ISP) Terms of Service. This is when consumers have no knowledge that their names and e-mail addresses were placed on a list and did not give their permission. These types of lists have a very low success rate and the complaints are enormous. When a consumer chooses to opt-out, they expect their name removed and that they will not receive any more correspondence from the service provider. They do not expect their name added to another list and continue to be solicited. When a consumer spends their time, actively stopping an action they never wanted in the first place they would not be interested in the product marketed. They will not buy simply from being annoyed and the suffering they have experienced in trying to stop the unsolicited e-mails. They may even like the product and it would not matter. This type of e-mail marketing technique is illegal (and unethical).

When you are sending out your e-mail marketing campaign, you want to remain focused on what your target audience needs. You want to convince them that they need your products and/or services. You want to grab their attention. You do not want to put them to sleep with a long, boring e-mail. You do not want to send a generic message to thousands of prospects. As you are looking for your leads, you want those who will eventually be long-term customers that make you a profit. The use of opt-in can weed out those potential leads that are not interested in your products they are only looking for something free and will leave you as fast as they joined. When you are able to have a select list of leads, you will not be spending the majority of your time weeding out uninterested targets.

Maintaining your opt-in leads is crucial to success you do not want hundreds of e-mail addresses that are incorrect or continue to send information to those individuals who have opted-out. Nor do you want your Internet Marketing list overflowing with e-mail addresses that are no longer useful for you. Look at a few ways to keep your opt-in lead list clean thereby increasing your potential for profit.

Customers will be more apt at accepting your e-mails if you have treated them with respect by asking them first and the information you are imparting to them is relevant to their needs and you are not sending several e-mails during the day that they become overloaded and want to simply get rid of your annoying e-mails.

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