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List Building Secret - Don't Build A Contact List Just To Sell To

Many online marketers, especially those starting out, tend to build a list for the sole purpose of selling to it. While this is understandable, it's not necessarily the right approach.

The first reason you should be building a list is to build a relationship with your site's visitors and to have a list to sell to second.

When it comes to selling online there are many marketers out there who are using the old hard sell extremely long sales pages without a support, blog or forum link in site. This can be effective in some cases (Like a fire sale), but it is never as effective as when you build a relationship with your visitors as part of your sales process. People like to buy form people they know and like. You do, don't you?

Like most informed Internet marketers, certainly you will want to have a blog to felicitate relationship building, but a support desk is a less obvious way that can assist you in accomplishing the goal of relationship building.

You can do this by providing your op-tins with valuable information through your blog of course but when you add something to your Knowledge Base in your support desk, announce it on your blog. 

It's a way of getting your blog visitors to your Knowledge Base which has questions to answers that also include recommendations to other products you make money on that compliment the product the question is about.  Once in the Knowledge Base of your support desk, many people will nose around in there just to see how good your support answers are.

If you are sending your opt-ins to your sales pages, have a link to your blog so they can see how you interact with your other prospects and customers.  (Just make sure the link is targeted to open in a new browser window.) Also include a link to your support desk Knowledge Base so they can see how you handle support questions and see other products you're recommending in your Knowledge Base answers.

Doing everything you can to build prospect/customer trust that is proving how trustworthy a professional you are will turn more prospects into customers and solidify current customers with an almost undying loyalty.

Once they trust you and see that you have their interests at heart and not just your bank account, and then you may not have to be selling as much because of the sales you make by recommendation. Basically, just think like a customer.  Don't you buy more from people you trust off line rather than just buying based on price. 

Not all but most people do buy only from individuals or businesses they know and trust.  They always buy from the same auto repair shop, tire store, hardware store, computer store etc.

Why?  Obviously because they trust them based on a relationship built by the provider through superior customer service and support.  Not because they were constantly hammered by the provider with junk mail and coupons.

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