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Places to Get Opt-in E-mail Leads

As you start your e-mail marketing campaign have you considered purchasing leads from a third party? Have you taken the time to weigh the pros and cons of doing so? Is it better to create your own leads over time as opposed to purchasing 500,000 or more at one time? How can you be sure that leads you purchase were not acquired unethically? Are there are other methods of acquiring opt-in leads that solely from third parties?

You can find hundreds of services that offer thousands of leads. It is your obligation to decide if the leads, you buy, are of actual addresses of consumers who have a history of purchasing on the Internet. There are software programs that will furnish you with thousands of e-mail addresses of individuals who have never took part in Internet shopping and companies find their addresses by means less than ethical. It is crucial to know where your leads come from.

Many companies use opt-in techniques to guarantee the names you are receiving want to hear from you about your product and/or services. Keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for your leads whether you accumulate them by your own means or purchase leads through another source. If that source turns out to be unethical and you contact individuals who never gave their permission, liability for violating Spam regulations falls upon you. An additional possibility with lists gathered unethically is that those who receive your e-mails may already have filters in place that repeatedly bounce e-mail or delete it on sight. That is bad enough but if they start complaining to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), it is possible that your e-mail account is down and your domain name removed from the Internet.

An additional consideration when determining to purchase opt-in leads from an outside provider is the cost. You can pay a low cost for thousands of leads or pay per e-mail address and receive a highly targeted list. It is important in deciding the best route to take. The thought of spending a small amount of money for thousands of leads may sound attractive but do remember you get what you pay for. So, if the company is providing this service do not be surprised if many of your leads never gave their permission to receive your information (or anyone else for that matter). If you determine to pay per e-mail, that could be pricey if you are looking to build a large e-mail marketing list.

There are numerous ways to multiply your opt-in lists and you do not have to spend many resources upfront. These methods will also yield leads quickly. You want to begin by classify all facets of exposure for your product and/or information. Then decide which area of exposure will be most effective in helping to obtain the information that will bring about a gratifying dialogue. You want to search websites, which can be a significant Internet marketing tool for gathering data and providing needed information. Look into print ads, radio, and other forms of non-web based media to gather the information you are seeking. Take into account a point-of-sale approach. You can set up a signup form at places of business where the cash transactions take place, or any other high traffic area. Another great place to gather prospective lead information is at trade shows and/or conferences where you can place a signup sheet or even a laptop (stay around if you use this method) so that people can register. This gives you an opportunity to talk with them and find out what their interests are.

Publicizing with e-mail newsletters or E-zine is a powerful Internet marketing tool that reaches a large audience for a low cost and can increase your opt-in leads. To achieve the maximum amount of people on your list you want to create your E-zine in “text-only” format. This will make certain that your audience will read the information you have sent to them in the format you started with. Do not be concerned about all the bells and whistles that you could add, you want maximum exposure for little cost and this is the way to accomplish that.

There are many different avenues available to gather opt-in leads so try different methods until you find one that works for you.

To Your Success,

Leon Edward


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