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Facebook Internet Marketing Resembles $28,000 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ad


Now, this is where the marketing model diverges completely from the conventional model. In a conventional model, you might get up in front of a group of people (particularly if you are consultant) and explain the benefits of your products or services to the people attending your sales presentation. It would be geared to be snazzy, eye-catching, and full of information that meets the customer's needs.


In Facebook, this will only bore people to tears and send them scurrying to the exit door. Instead, after you establish rapport with someone, you will want to opt to begin to reel them into your sales funnel using storytelling as your main technique. Of course, this can take a little longer, but this is not really a business proposition, it is a seduction.


Some of the greatest examples of this type of marketing technique for online sales can be seen at eBay. Who can forget the story of the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich? It wasn't just the image of the Virgin Mary that made it sell for $28,000 and become an Internet story for weeks, it was also the story behind the grilled cheese sandwich that helped increase its value in the eyes of the Internet bidders. The person who posted the sandwich claimed it was 10 years old and responsible for helping her win $70,000 at a casino. And, as proof of its holiness, the sandwich was said to have never exhibited signs of mold.


While we all find this story incredibly humorous, the fact is she walked away with $28,000 from the auction of a grilled cheese sandwich. And, that's the power of storytelling when it comes to Internet marketing.

The Call To Action


At the end of every classic sales pitch is the “call to action.” In Facebook, you can't solicit other people but you can sell your benefits. So, the call to action may be more of a soft sell at the end of a personal communication and it should be done in stages. The first call to action might actually be in your signature file that goes with your emails in private communications. It can give an example of how you've helped others achieve some goal of their own and how you can help others too. Then, you should ask them to contact you for further information or to go to a particular product or service in the marketplace to get what they need to solve their problems. If that doesn't catch someone's interest, don't push it. Instead, build a relationship and after four or five interactions, you can then begin selling them a little harder on your products and services.



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