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Using Safelists to Your Advantage

A safelist is a group of people who have agreed to receive
messages from one another. It is an off-shoot of opt-in lists
that were prevalent in the early days of the Internet. There were
numerous opt-in groups in which members agreed to send to and
receive emails from other members. Most of these emails were
commercial in nature. As the Internet expanded the people started
abusing this system. They started giving junk-mail addresses or
non-existing addresses. Frequently an autoresponder address was
given so that as soon as a message was received, another message
was sent to the sender immediately. Abuse of opt-in lists
rendered the system meaningless.

Safelists have overcome the weakness of the earlier system. The
purpose of using safelists basically remains the same - members
agree to receive information from other members. But this is done
more effectively.

The safelists are generally operated from a web site. If you wish
to send your message to other members of the safelist you will
have to go to the web site and post your message there. This
ensures that someone personally sends the message. The frequency
of sending message is regulated so that members do not overload
other members.

The safelist management takes proper care to maintain their list
of email addresses. Whenever there are incidents like bouncing
emails, full in-boxes or spam filters by which emails are not
delivered, such email addresses are properly dealt with. All
members are registered by double opt-in method. The safelists
take particular care to maintain valid email addresses.

As a member of the safelist you can be reasonably certain that
your message will be delivered where intended. You do not have to
worry about spam complaints. Your messages are delivered without
"send to" address - the recipient of your message will not be
able to send instant reply to you by hitting reply button.

You will get your messages from the safelist and not directly
from other members. Since you are interested in getting your
message delivered to other members you will ensure that your
in-box is not full and you receive the messages sent to you. But
how many of them you will read is another matter.

You may receive hundreds of messages every day. This will depend
upon the number safelists you have joined, their policy and the
number of members they have. It is unlikely that you will read or
even open all the messages. This may not be physically possible
and you may also like to see that your in-box is not full.
Therefore you will be in a hurry to delete those messages and
keep room for the next lot. Over a period of time you may not
even feel the moral obligation to read the messages sent to you.
Just remember that other members will also be passing through
this phase.

Safelist marketing is really a game of numbers. You may not be
able to read all your messages, but you will possibly see some of
them. Likewise you can expect other members to read just a few of
the messages they receive. Your message is sent to untargeted
recipients - you are not aware of their profiles and their
interests. Some of your recipients may be interested in what you
have to offer and some of them may be tempted by your subject
line to open your letter. The more the number of recipients you
have, the more you are likely to reach the persons interested in
your offer. The headline or subject line of your message plays a
crucial role in drawing the right persons.

Many people have reported substantial success with safelist
marketing. As noted earlier it is a number game. If you seriously
wish to benefit from this source, you have to be consistent. You
can join several safelists and send messages every day in
rotation to these safelists. It is important to keep up this
schedule, send message to several hundred or thousand recipients
a day, and let the number work out its magic. A compelling
headline in your message will be most useful in attracting
attention. The body of your message should attract the reader to
click on your link. It is estimated that by sending message to
50,000 or 100,000 people, you can expect to find one or two
subscribers or customers.

There are free as well as paid safelist services. The paid
services will give you some advantage over a free service, such
as higher frequency of posting, composing your message in HTML
etc. You can join safelists as a free member, analyze the results
you are getting from each safelist and then decide to upgrade in
the safelists which are giving better results.

Safelists are not considered among the top marketing methods such
as PPC, article marketing, solo ads, ezine ads etc. Yet they are
thriving. Clearly people are getting benefits out of them. You
will know how effective safelists will be for you only when you
try them. You can try free for a few weeks and see the results.
Then you can make a decision about continuing with it.

When you decide to use safelists, you should resolve to give them
a fair trial. Only then you will be able to make a good judgment
about them. Just remember the punch line when using safelists -
be consistent.

To Your Success,

Leon Edward


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