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Blog SEO - Optimize Your Layout, MetaTags, Keywords To Monetize To The Max

Lets start with how your layout affects Blog SEO

Comprehending how each element of your blogs blends with the theme of your blog is crucial for the long-term success for your business blog.  Once you have acquired some experience figuring out with the blog program you've chosen, it will be time well spent if you take a careful look at each area and learn what can, and perhaps cannot be, optimized to for search engines and still be adapted to your theme.  Besides your traffic stats, the general construction and how the different elements of your blog come together can help to gain visibility.

Everything from the blog set up, the Theme you choose, fonts, font colors to your html heading tags that you use will have an impact on your final blog and how well it converts with the monetization methods you incorporate.  You'll want to decide showing wisdom when it comes to each area, particularly in paying close attention to coloring strategies and other thematic considerations that may help with branding purposes and making your readers want to return to your site or better yet, pick up your RSS feed.

Do keep in mind that every area of the blog can help your site become more search engine-friendly.  Not only does this reduce overall marketing costs when you are trying to obtain search engine rankings, but you'll also start to see more 'organic' traffic simply by tweaking a few areas.

<b>Layout, Color Themes, Columns and Fonts</b>

The layout is a part of your blog design, and your goal is to create something that will leave a lasting impression.  More and more blog networks are creating 'generic' blogs that have very little creativity and are focused more on the new content instead.  Even though the content of your blog is the critical element, what the visitor sees and feels as they explore your blog is just as important. 

If you choose a simple layout and design, just makes sure to navigate it yourself and see what your focal point is.  Are you focusing too much on the sidebars?  Is the header distracting?  Can you easily read the content, or do you have to squint to make sense of the font and style?  All of these elements will be unique to your blog, and since it may be an extension of your company and brand, it's vital that you use something that will make a lasting impression.

Keywords Density In Blog Posts

Keywords are essential to getting your blog(s) seen and ranked well by the search engines.  In a previous chapter of this eBook we talked about writing keyword rich content, using your keywords in titles, and using special formatting like bold to attract the Googlebot to your topics.  The reason for this is simply for search engine optimization.  You want to use your blog's keywords often because this will help the search engine better index your website for your keywords.  Better indexing is equal to a better ranking on the search engine results page when someone searches for those keywords. 

Suppose for a moment you have a blog about living in Podunk.  The more times you mention Podunk in your titles and posts, the more Google and the other search engines understand your site is about Podunk.  This means that when someone goes to search for Podunk on Google, your page will return with a higher position than other sites on Podunk which uses that word less on their websites.

One of your main goals with search engine optimization is to have your blog's content have a lot of keywords contained within it.  In other words you need to make sure that within the words on your page, you make sure that a lot of those words are keywords.  This is commonly referred to as "keyword density."

Assume for a moment that you have a blog on laptops.  You write an article of about 500 words and you mention the word "laptop" 10 times in the article.  This would give you a key word density of 2%.  That means that 2% of your words in that article are "laptop."  If you changed that same article to have the word "laptop" in your article 18 times, use a title of "The Best Laptop For Your Money" and then include the second title at the beginning of your blog text, you would then have used the word "laptop" 20 times.  Using the word "laptop" 20 times in your 500 page article would give you a new keyword density of 4%. 

The examples above are very simplified examples, but enough to understand why keywords, and how often you use them in your writing, are important.  Your goal should be to have a keyword density of between 5% and 10% but not much higher than that.  Adding too many keywords into your blog will make it hard to read for your readers and the search engines start to think you are building a splog if you get much higher than 15-20%.  Again this is an area where you will want to strike a nice balance between what will be comfortable for your readers and what will be okay by the search engines as well. 

Meta-Tags And Relevant Adsense Ads In WordPress

META Tags, or simply referred to as "tags," are small hidden pieces of code which tell the search engines what your blog post is about.  Basically tags are just a listing of keywords and a description which your visitors don't see but the search engine's indexers do as well as the Adsense Bots. 

If you are not getting ads from Adsense that are relevant to your blog posts, you should probably consider a plugin called "Headspace 2".  If you install a plug-in called: Headspace 2 then it will allow you to set the meta-tags across the whole site and on individual posts.  This will help to ensure that your ads are relevant. Tags are used to help the search engines index a website without being visible and distracting to your readers. 

If for instance you have a blog on photography, then you might want to add a group of tags such as: photography, photo, photography studio, pictures, prints, portrait, camera, film, etc…  You want your tags to stick to your specific topic of your blog, but you also want to include all the possible words someone could search on and find your blog.  These tags help get your blog indexed for all of the words included in the tags.

Unlike other blogging software, Blogger does not contain an easy way to add tags to your blog.  Some blog formats do, Blogger happens to be one which doesn't.  However, it is possible to generate tags for your Blogger blog by using another website and then cutting and pasting a bit of code into your template.  (Similar to what we did for AdSense.)  It is very simple and free to do.  And it is advisable that you do put tags on your blog posts.  Anything which will help with your search engine optimization you should spend the time and make sure you do it.

Some popular tag sites include de.licio.us and www.technorati.com.  Signing-up for either site is very simple and free.  Once you have registered then you can generate the tag code for your Blogger blog and simply paste it into your blog template. 

Once you have the code you will want to paste it into your template by going to your blog's template.  First back up your blog's template just in case you do not like the changes, and then paste the tag code after the place in your template which says:


By pasting your tag code here, each time you post a message to your blog the search engines also get a copy of all of your tagged keywords added on to the bottom of it.  Even if for some reason your blog post doesn't mention your keywords the tags will!  This means that if you have a blog on Christmas but you choose to talk about your family pets in your post, the indexers will still get Christmas as one of your keywords, because they get it from the tags.



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